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Monday, July 29, 2013

random rambling...thoughts on running part 2

did you catch part 1 of my running story? if not, check it out here.

I never thought I would run any kind of race much less organize a relay race. After working at a few Ragnar races I decided I wanted to be on the runner side of things. Being in charge of the team was so stressful which made the running part even more stressful. I was runner 8 so I had to wait many hours before my turn to run. After my first leg, I felt a little better about the running part. My last leg was TERRIBLE (6 miles gradual uphill in the 95 degree weather), and I kind of thought I might never run again.

Signing up for my first Wasatch Back made me actual train for the race. Teresa invited me to come run with her running group, Generation Gap. I knew for sure I needed people in order to stick with the training. Before running with the group I had never run more than a 10k and never thought I ever would run more than that. The first time I met up with the group they had a 14 mile run planned. That's 8 more miles than I had ever run in my life ever. Teresa reassured me I would be fine (don't ask me how she knew) so like a crazy person I decided to do it.

I thought I would run with the group to get ready for the relay race and then stop running. That's also complete crazy talk! I ran with them for a little over a month before the relay. I survived Wasatch Back, and I actually really liked it. I also liked the running group so much I just couldn't stop. They all run many marathons a year, and before I knew it they convinced me to sign up for my first marathon.

that's basically part 2. i'll be back to continue the story very soon...

as a completely random side note...happy 1st birthday to my nephew kyler. i have no idea how a year has already gone by.


  1. Doing a relay race is on my list someday, kudos to you for organizing one!

  2. Remember when you told me you don't run in the winter? Just look how much has changed with a nice pair of running gloves, a headlamp and an open mind. Nice going Aubrey - you have made a fine addition to our group. Here is to a fine race tomorrow and many more to come!


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