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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 little edition

is anyone freaking out that it's july? i am. i feel summer quickly slipping away, and it gives me anxiety. since it really is july, it's time for another round of 5 little confessions.
need a quick refresher? 
we've all seen the posts going around blogland and social media about being honest and keeping things real. bloggers often get accused of posting only the parts of our lives we want to show off. we know we all have those less than bloggable moments in life. as readers, we all love reading those posts, but as writers we sometimes avoid spilling the dirt. in the spirit of keeping things real, we bring you 5 little confessions. did you go 5 days without washing your hair? did your clean laundry sit on your floor until it was time to wash again? did you spend all weekend keeping up with the kardashians? did you eat cake for breakfast? dig up a few of your secrets and link up below.
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 i considered posting my summer confessions, but we all know about that. i spend every free moment possible in the sun. the end. since that's only 1 confession i decided on another and because we all like reading confessions from everyone else, dig up your dirt, write a post, and link up with us below.

i'm in california right now helping my sister move from southern to northern. today is moving day, but that was up in the air until last monday when i finally could buy a plane ticket. ticket prices were jumping all over the place. apparently so was my brain. i accidentally bought a ticket for july 29 instead of july 1. after some major panic+double the cost,i got it all worked out. definitely a stupid/dumb brain mistake.

i've done my fair share of traveling, but i've never been to europe. it's not really on my bucket list either. i'm not a history/museum person. take me to the beach.
i have no idea where my passport is. i'm sure i have it in a safe place somewhere.

as soon as i get back from a trip i immediately want to start planning another trip. i'm guessing that's not a huge abnormal confession:) 

as much as i love to travel, i'll never be the one to initiate a road trip. i won't say no, but they're not my fave. i would rather spend my time on the vacation not getting there and back



  1. Oh no to booking the wrong date for the plane ticket! I did that last month for our hotel and luckily it wasn't too hard to fix. Oh, you have got to visit Europe someday! I do love museums, but when we went to Paris there was so much more to see... a different culture, food, etc. :) Have fun in CA!!

  2. I think I would go to Europe for the shopping and food. Maybe a little history thrown in there, but my hotel better have a pool :)

  3. Oh no, better find that passport!

  4. History would be the very reason I would go to Europe! (besides maybe the food) So fascinating! But, I understand that's not for everyone.


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