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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

blogging the bach 10.9...fantasy suites

i took a lot of notes this week, but i'm still having a little bit of a hard time organizing my post. let's start with the word tally since that overwhelmed the whole episode.
journey...2 (surprising since it's almost the end)
amazing...28 (started out with a lot of amazing but died off quickly)
love...84 (we get it. everyone is in love)
fairytale...1 (also surprising)
right reasons...0 (they're all there for the right reasons by now)
husband/wife/spouse/fiance/mom/dad...20 (all lumped together because i messed up my counting)
andi did not say stop or good one single time this week #shocking
i should have counted romantic. it was said a lot.

i lived in the dominican republic for 4 months in college. it really is one of the prettiest places i've ever seen. i haven't been back since, but this week's bach makes me really want to. everything this week reminded me of something that happened there from dancing merengue with locals, to riding and falling off donkeys in the mud, to hiking, to being in the capitol, to the cute kids. it was really hard. but i loved it so much.

some thoughts on this week.
nick-still my least fave, too serious, not seeing the passionate part andi keeps talking about
the book is cute, but i'm a little nervous that in order to say i love you "he had to write it in a children's book" --co-worker tiffany
"i feel hopeful" --andi

josh-happy, young, vibrant, fun, he loves andi, and she loves him too. you can tell by the duck face she makes everytime he says i love you. she wants to say it back and can't so she does duck face. the producers have done one heck of a job drawing out the baseball player biz. he talks about kids and families, and i still think he's the one.

chris- "she's more of a country girl than i thought"-i have no idea what about her response on the horse made him think that.
chris is adorable, sweet. his exit was one of the most mature i've seen ever.
#chrisforbachelor for sure

the rose ceremony is uneventful. i can't wait to see what happens in 2 weeks. i'm also pretty excited to see men tell all next week. what do you think will happen?

i posted on social media and had quite the response about favorites. who's your fave?



  1. Josh all the way. And Nick won't handle getting dumped in a mature way.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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  3. Yes, that's right. This is the new blob, i like it too. But i have one more want to show you all:


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