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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

bright night event

***blogging the bach is coming tomorrow. i missed half of it last night so i need to watch those parts before i have much to say. basically i missed chris in the hot seat so that's an obvious problem**
i'm a little behind on posting a few fun events i've been too lately. a couple of weeks ago, i spent the day/night with women celebrating women at bright night. it was an amazing event and so much fun.
the event featured several small classes, amazing food, a dance party, and a great time. it was the perfect day away from work and a great chance to re-charge.
i freaked out for weeks about what to wear. i always stress out way to much about what to wear. 
the decorations all day were perfect. 
the day started with lunch and keynote from the alison show about being awesome. she had the whole group completely engaged. we went from laughing to crying to standing up and dancing. 
diana (livy loves to run) did a class on setting goals and overcoming obstacles. her main goal over the last year has been weight loss, but she applied the same principles to all goals (like finding a husband-danger of being friends with the presenter)
next was photography class. mckenzie was hilarious and gave some great photography tips. she set up the cutest backdrop for photos after class.
our first round of pics...
too good not to post
tater tots and jello came with craft supplies and no instructions. i loved that class a lot. the idea was for everyone to be creative and make whatever. 
the dinner decor was just as good as the rest of the day. everything was so cute, and there were so many great details (like the metal straw).
carissa and i have been looking forward to this event for months. we started out the day together and then somehow i couldn't keep track of her all day. i sent her a text to in a class to find out where in the world she was only to find out she was standing in the back. it became the running joke of the day.

i'm not big into dance parties, but this was really fun. i had to leave early, but from the videos i've seen, people had a great time.
kyla came just for the dance party. 

i had such a fun day with friends, met a few new girls, and left feeling AWESOME.


  1. This looks really awesome, I would have loved to have attended! So cool that it was in your town!

  2. So fun!!! I need to go next time :)


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