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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

blogging the bach 10.11...finale+after the final rose

did this season seem forever long or is it just me? it's finally over, and now we can move on to bachelor in paradise. from the promos, it looks like we'll have plenty to talk about.
this post could go on and on, but what's the point?!? we all spent 3 hours of our lives watching it. we don't need another hour long post.
before we really start, i missed a little bit of the beginning. the weather was crazy, and my tv was going crazy. i missed parts of nick meeting andi's family, and therefore probably missed a few words for the word tally. i also stopped counting when the bach actually ended. i was over it during after the final..
amazing...5 (i think i forgot to count this part of the time)
love...71 (20 of those were probably in the last 2 minutes)
fairytale...did we hear this? did i miss it?
andi did not say stop 1 single time
now that i just added them all up, i'm pretty sure i messed up my counting this week. sorry!

the boys meet the fam. some observations
1. nick is super nervous. he says he eventually calmed down. i never saw it.
2. andi has total tropical humidity hair. i prob have said this before, but i never knew i had curly hair until i lived in the dominican republic. straightening my hair was impossible there. it was so humid (more than north carolina where i grew up), and i discovered my hair is curly)
3. andi calls josh "babe" when he walks up.
4. josh is really nervous too, but he jokes about it so it seems less awkward.
5. hy says "i have no concerns about josh whatsoever"

final dates
josh calls andi "baby"
there's a fine line between cheesy (poetry) and cute (baseball card). josh nails it.
nick wants andi to say how she feels before he decides. has he ever seen this show?
you can tell what's going to happen by andi's face. she gives nick the you're going to be ok honey mom face, and her face completely lights up with josh. #deadgiveaway

the end of the end
josh picks out the biggest freaking diamond i've ever seen
andi (not neil lane) shows up at nick's. it doesn't go well. he's defensive. they're both sad, and even though i never thought i would do something like the bach, i now know for sure i wouldn't. i'm way too insecure. nick was confident, and yes he got his heart broken, but you have to be confident in order for this to work.
chris h says "farmer chris is in the house", and we all wonder why they didn't announce the next bachelor. i thought for sure it would be chris, but who knows.
josh is emotional, and it is actually quite cute. he proposes, she says yes, and the rest is sooooo cheesy.

after the final
the whole nick thing is weird and drawn out for me. i totally believe his heart was/still is broken, but it's time to let it go. i am really sad for him, but i was done with that whole thing before it started.
josh finally comes out, and they seem really happy. they both live in atlanta so in the words of andi they've "obviously" been sneaking to see each other. i hope the rumored abc wedding is for real.
i really like josh. i've said in past weeks, he is totally my type too. we have a type for a reason.

the final bleachable moment...nick discussing what happened in the fantasy suite...that was just embarrassing for him and for andi and completely unnecessary to bring up on national tv.

the season was pretty predictable to me. i love andi, but i'm pretty happy it's over. what did you think of the end? are you team josh? make sure to link up your bach posts.

this whole time in the domincan republic is making me feel very nostalgic about my time there. it was really really hard for me especially at first. the language was nearly impossible, the food was different, and technology wasn't like it is today. once i made the decision to be happy there, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. i met some of my best friends and learned so many things about myself. it really is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been. i haven't been back since i lived there, but this definitely makes me want to go back.


  1. So many things to discuss....first and foremost, you have a WORD count??? That is like beYOND brilliant!!! So doing that next season when ????? Will be the bachelor!!!! What was that all about that they didn't announce it? Theeeeeee mooooost awwwwkwaaaard and draaaaawn out "I neeeeed aaaaansweeeeers" award goes to pouty face, slight lisp Nick. I was dyyyying for a grid to take the reins, shut him up and move the junk ON! And yes, totally unnecessary to bring up the fantasy suite...ew. And you lived there? Was it a mission??? We were so meant to be friends! We must swap mission stories.....if that is indeed why you lived there. Nothing like someone being presumptuous eh? Lol

  2. A grid? That would be Chris H

  3. I need to watch this today! Well... figure out how. :P No more On Demand since we moved out and don't have cable, but Joe thinks with the package we got, we might get some On Demand. But our TV box isn't set up yet because we don't have a long enough coax cable and Joe didn't seem to think getting one in time for the finale was as much of a priority as I did. I guess it was ok though because I got part of my kitchen unpacked and my mom finished lining my kitchen shelves. She wouldn't have appreciated me watching the show anyway :P

  4. Josh did nail it with the baseball card. Nick is a tool. So glad Andi is happy! Totally bummed they didn't announce the last bachelor... wtf!?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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