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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

blogging the bach 10.8...hometowns

we're nearing the end of andi's journey. it always takes me a couple of weeks to get into the season, but this time it took me more weeks. the past couple of weeks i have been more excited about this season.
i always like hometowns because we get to see more of where they come from and what they are probably like in real life. this week was interesting and sad and some happy parts too.
let's start with the bleachable moment(s) since i tend to forget that. there are a few this week.
1. suave commercials-they're terrible
2. bachelor in paradise-it looks like a big fat train wreck, and i can't wait to watch
3. marcus stripping for the 2nd time on this show #badidea

word tally
amazing...12 (i might have missed a few about the amazing farms)
love...57 (12 of which happened in the first 18 minutes)
fairytale...1(pretty sure this isn't accurate)
right reasons...0 (i think they're all there for the right reasons at this point)
husband/wife/spouse...2 (or did a miss a few?)
stop...totally forgot to count
exciting...i wish this was on my list to count because it was said a lot
i did a really good job counting love and probably connection, but i clearly didn't do so well on the other words this week.

no lessons this week. just some thoughts.

hometown #1-nick
andi is excited to be in nick's hometown. i am less excited. 
nick is wearing another man scarf...why?
andi sees the "relaxed, fun, outgoing nick." i have to admit i like him more on his hometown than the entire rest of the season, but i still don't like him.
my fave part was his cute little sister asking andi questions.

hometown #2-chris
andi is super excited to be in iowa. my dad is from iowa. i haven't been there since i was a teenager, but i remember it wasn't that exciting. she's right though. chris is super hot.
city girl--->outdoor girl. chris is so cute/i really like him, but i'm just not buying it. the chris loves andi sign was adorable, and he genuinely seems like an awesome guy, but i just don't see andi moving to a farm in the middle of no where. i don't think she sees it either.
i'm a total city girl. one summer i hiked a lot and even went camping with my church group for 3 days. i got the name "outdoor girl" that summer. it didn't last long. i'm pretty sure i haven't slept in a tent since. i don't even own a sleeping bag.

hometown #3-josh
andi is less excited and more nervous which makes me think she really likes josh a lot and cares a lot about how this goes. i also think the show is being edited to make us think she is really hesitant about josh. if she was that hesitant, i don't think he would still be around. maybe i'm wrong.
josh gives the biggest, best hugs. i'm a total sucker for a good hug.
andi's casual baseball outfit is so cute. her style is on point almost all of the time.
they walk in to his house and tough guy josh gets emotional seeing his family. it's really sweet.
my dad was the sports anchor on the news while i was growing up, and my brothers played about every sport. there was a lot of sports in my family. even though i don't play sports, i really want a guy that likes sports a lot. to fit in with my dad, brothers, and brothers in law, you really have to know sports. there was a lot of sports talk on josh's hometown, but to me that doesn't seem like a huge deal except andi makes a good point about the couple putting each other first.
josh's family knows he's in love, and andi's doubts seem to be melting away

hometown #4-marcus
andi is asking herself "can i catch up" to the way marcus is feeling? if you are asking, then the answer is no.
why why why does marcus feel the need to strip again? it was awful the first time, and just as awful the second. 
his family can tell he's in love, and we all know because he's been saying it since week 3. #blesshislittleheart

i didn't know if i should start with this, end with it, or put it in when it happened. the whole scene with everyone finding out about eric hill was awful. i was right in the middle of shopping for some lowe notes from scarlet and gold on my phone when all of a sudden all the guys were in the house together. it was so horribly sad. i didn't know him, but i have friends who knew him well. something about that makes me feel like i did know him. it's so tragic. even though it was kind of awkward, i'm glad they decided to air that part. leaving it out would almost be like pretending it didn't happen. it did happen, and it's so so sad. 

thoughts on the remaining guys/you know you're obsessed with the bach when you analyze this much
nick-still don't like him, andi is probably kicking herself watching this because she seems clueless about him. i have no idea how. at this point in the season, i really don't think he's getting a bad edit. i think this is really nick. i'm pretty sure he'll make it to the final 2. i'm really hoping he's not the final one.
chris-total sweetie. andi really wants to love him, but it's been way too slow to develop. besides, there is no way she's moving to iowa. i think he's still around because he'll end up being the bachelor.
josh-getting an interesting edit. like i said above i don't think andi has as many doubts about him as they make it seem. i hope he really is a good guy. i'm totally #teamjosh

what did you think of hometowns? there weren't any crazy families this time around. make sure to link up if you write a post.


  1. I was shocked it was Marcus over Chris. Andi living in Iowa? Not going to happen.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I think you need to keep track of the word obviously. I feel like Andi says that allll the time. "Obviously theres a rose on this date"....haha

  3. Of all the guys that are left, I think I'm rooting for Josh as well. I loved Nick's hometown date, but he just doesn't seem like a good fit for her. I definitely hope that Chris is the next Bachelor because I love him!


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