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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

blogging the bach 10.7

confession...i missed the first 20 minutes this week. i know i missed a one on one with marcus. i'm sure he told her he loves her since that's all he's said since week 3. did i miss anything else?

i came in right as nick pretended to be andi's husband to get the key. do the producers really think we're that stupid? obviously the hotel workers know there is a show going on there, and obviously they aren't going to just give some random guy the key to the star's room. although it's breaking the rules, the producers obviously supported nick and helped him get to andi's room.

speaking of confessions...tomorrow is another round of 5 little confessions. are you linking up with us? i really think you should. these are some of my favorite posts.

and now onto what we're really here for...
lessons in being successful on the bach
1. be bold
is nick getting a bad edit? or is he really bad news? either way, andi likes it.a lot. you have to do something to stand out, and nick is good at doing that even if it means the rest of us hate him.
(my friend and i were talking about being more bold in dating. i am not bold even one tiny little bit. maybe that's my problem. who knows?)
2. fall in love and say it
you're on the bach where the point is to fall in love. yes, i'm sure it's hard when you're not the only one dating the girl, but that's what you signed up for. josh pretty much sealed the deal when he finally decided to open up.
3. focus on the girl
brian "my focus in on andi"-smart
4. get in shape before you go/don't sit around and drink the days away
i'm sure the guys are actually in good shape, but the biking scene was pretty funny.
5. leave the scarves at home or better yet never buy them in the first place
nick-i'm talking to you
josh even made fun of himself on twitter for the scarves.
6. seize the moment
chris and andi at the pottery wheel was the perfect chance. he almost didn't take it.
after last week i thought chris might have been the catherine giudici of this season, but i changed my mind. i really love chris, but i think it's too little too late for him. #chrisforbachelor
7. get along with the other people
if everyone else doesn't like you, it's not a good sign (nick)
8. have confidence but don't be a jerk about it (nick)
9. have a game plan, but don't make it so much about strategy (nick again)
10. avoid drama especially guy drama
girl drama is to be expected, but guy drama is so unattractive. i really wonder what andi thinks seeing how much the other guys don't like nick.
11. take advantage of your one on one time and talk
poor chris. if she doesn't even know where you're from at this point, i'm worried for you.
12. have fun
the pickle clip was probably my fave of the whole episode. i wish they showed more of the funny stuff and less of the serious attorney mode andi.

bleachable moment...nick (all of it)

no word tally tonight since i missed the first part, but definitely lots of love talk this week.

a few thoughts going into hometowns...
nick-i'm obviously not a nick fan. are you? do you think he's getting a bad edit? or is he really just bad?
josh-he's my fave. i think he will for sure be in the final 2. i think andi is finally getting over her insecurities with him.
marcus-he fell too hard too fast and while it's flattering i just don't think andi feels the same.
chris-with more time and less people he would probably have a chance, but i'm pretty sure he's in the friend zone.

what did you think of this week? what did i miss with marcus? make sure to link up your posts.


  1. Really pedictable has to who she choose for hometowns.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I need to watch this tonight. I failed to last night, it's the story of my life lately!


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