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Thursday, July 17, 2014

dinner group friends

a few weeks ago i talked about work friends. i've also talked about my recipe exchange dinner group in the past, but it's been a really long time.
we realized last night we have been getting together once a month for almost 7 years. we usually meet at someone's house and all bring part of the meal-appetizer, main dish, wild card, and dessert. we share the recipes and bring our assigned part of the meal. due to kitchen remodels we decided to go out this month.
with our various busy lives it's pretty amazing that we can find a way to get together monthly, but it's always exactly what i need. we met downtown this time and ate outside. the weather was perfect, and the conversation was great. 2 of us are single and 2 are married with kids. we talked about everything from things we hope for in life, to jobs, to kids, to travel, etc. i really don't know how i got so lucky to have such amazing friends in my life, but i am truly blessed.


  1. I think this is fun!!! I need to have a group like this.

  2. This is so awesome!! I agree with Amberly, I need a group like this :)

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