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Monday, July 28, 2014

mathis family reunites part 4...the rest

these family reunion posts are really kind of dragging out. this is the last one, and it's been fun to relive the fun we had that weekend.

besides not getting together for way too long, the main reasons we finally got together this year were to celebrate grandma and grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary and their 80th birthdays happening later this year.

we took some pretty informal family pictures. trying to coordinate schedules with everyone and a photographer didn't work out so we decided to keep things simple. enough of us have nice cameras so we set up a tripod and did that instead.

as much time as i have spent with them since moving to utah, i have very few pictures with my grandparents. karlee wanted to get in too.
 brittany and her family
 missing ashley
 the johnson fam
the wuehler fam minus austin
 my mom, her siblings, and parents

 eric and megan, ryan

 the whole fam. only missing a few people.
random side note...don't put your phone in your back pocket. i made the mistake and it makes my booty look huge.
we didn't have plans saturday afternoon so we took the kids to the children's museum. 

kyler driving the mail car
 karlee milking a cow
 karlee working at the bank
 karson and kyler shopping
 kyler playing music with a shoe
 karson playing music with a shoe

after church on sunday we walked over to the st george temple and took a few pictures
my grandparents, parents, and sister were all married there. i always thought it would be nice to keep the tradition going, but it's not very convenient to where i live.
 by the last day karlee and addison were finally friends. i wish we all lived closer together.

it was so great spending the weekend with my family. most of the time i do ok living far away from family. i have done it my whole adult life so it is very normal to me. leaving is the absolute worst. the goodbyes are crazy hard, but it makes the time spent together that much better.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I think the last time most of my family was together was at my wedding 9 years ago. Miss them.
    Love the all the family photos, doesn't look like you needed a professional!


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