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Monday, July 14, 2014

mathis family reunited part 3...the hike

i took an unintentional little break from the family reunion posts. for something that only lasted 3 1/2 days, there sure were a ton of pictures.

one thing i remember from visiting st. george when i was young is climbing the red hill. you walk up and see the whole city from the top. it's a pretty easy walk up so it's a perfect family activity.

my mom and her 2 sisters whose initials used to be on the top of the hill
 johnson fam
 several fun spots to climb inside
karlee fits perfectly in this 
 my cousin shaylee
 jordan, chelsea and kyler, zach
 with karlee
 with karlee and karson
 just karson
 extended johnson fam
  andrew, malea, and ap=
 my family

 my cousin's baby miles

 tell this girl to strinke a post and she's a pro

"hiking" with my family was a highlight of the whole reunion. 
what do you like to do with your family?

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