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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

blogging the bach 10.10 tell all

i'll be honest, the men tell all isn't my fave episode. the women tell all is a different story, but there just isn't really too much to get excited about.
i am excited to have ashley co-hosting with me this week. i can't wait to see what she has to say.

i've used this season to talk about various things we can learn by watching the bach, but this week leaves me with more questions than answers.
1. whyyyyy do they continue to show those awful suave commercials?
2. i love ashley and jp...a lot, but if they already have been buying a ton of clothes and have narrowed the baby name down to their top choice, what makes the producers think we are going to believe they don't already know the baby gender? that whole thing was just way to bizarre for me.
3. how is it that in 2014 grown adults (who know they have a mic at all times) make racist comments? i don't even know what else to say except i really don't even want to touch that convo.
4. did anyone survive bachelor in paradise? michelle money says "words cannot describe" i have a few words...train wreck=can't wait.
5. has marquel ever seen this show? was he really that surprised that everyone else was kissing andi? he really is adorable though.
6. after watching the recap of andi and chris, do people still think she belongs with chris? i love chris. i really do, but he and andi are not a good match. #chrisforbachelor
7. who came up with the scarf idea and dylan's idea to cut his hair? both great ideas.
8. can we have more bloopers please? best part of the whole show.
9. how did i miss that poem from josh? did they ever show it? i usually make fun of the poetry so i think i would remember.
10. who's excited for the finale next  week?

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  1. So glad Dylan got a haircut! Ummm it's really hard to believe that JP and Ashley didn't know what they were having already. That was dumb. I love Marquel. I agree that Chris and Andi are not a good couple. He needs someone a little more country. Can't wait for the finale!! Can't wait for some man tears...

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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