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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

blogging the bach 19.2

can we just talk about andi and josh for a minute??? it's kind of ridiculous how sad i am about it.

now that week 1 is over, let's get back to my usual format
who is watching? celsey, husband shawn (pretending to play video games), sister in law amanda & her roommate alexis, melissa

kim is back in-i have so many things to say, but since she didn't make it past tonight what's the point?

group date #1...jade, mckenzie, tandra, tara, kimberly, ashley i
what i heard
"who is the virgin?" "i think it's the girl with the first impression rose"--amanda "no, she said she didn't have sex with her last boyfriend" "what did she date him for 24 hours?"--alexis
"i'm more kardashian than i am country"--ashley i
juelia talking about her husband and his death #awful
"do none of these girls know the odds?"--amanda
"she's a little weird"---chris about mckenzie when she's talking about his big nose and aliens
"you dumb b----"--amanda

what i saw
megan and jillian breaking into chris's house and doing weird things
chris picks mckenzie. the girls freak, and we all freak too.

what i thought
i still can't believe he gave mckenzie the one on one time, the rose, and especially a kiss. #dying

date #2...megan
what i heard
"she's not an idiot. she knows how it works. they explained it."--amanda about megan when she didn't know if the date card was just a note or a date
"they go to some super classy place called vegas"--cel
"look at that beautiful, muddy river. it looks like chocolate"--cel

what i saw
megan in her matchy matchy tank and lipstick
megan pours her heart out about her dad and chris has no idea what to do. she attacks his face (i was pretty sure he was going to kiss her, but she didn't give him the chance)

what i thought

date #3...kelsey, trina, melissa, tracy, jillian, becca, amber, ashley s, juelia, kaitlyn, britt 
what i heard
screaming, lots of screaming
"ok, look at botox's face-nothing"--cel
"i wouldn't trust that many girls with guns"--alexis
kaitlyn making fun of ashley s (she totally deserved it)
ashley s talking about the truth (does she think there are still zombies)
i tried to get someone to say something funny about ashley s "i'm speechless"--alexis
"i'm pretty sure he's kissed everyone"--amanda

what i saw
amber (the bartender) took a shot
ashley s shooting anything and everything
chris kissing a lot of girls (was that on this date or just the whole night?)

what i thought
ashley s is on drugs or insane or something
we wanted to see becca a little more
kaitlyn has a big mouth and we're not sure what to think
lots of bright lipstick

rose ceremony
"does anybody else think it's funny that she's arabian and giving him wishes?"--shawn about ashely i
"she's giving him wishes on her belly button, i promise she's not a virgin. she's a slut"--alexis
did jordan just call herself a stalker?

word tally
farm/farmer...0 (did i miss any especially during the tractors)

who is left
britt, ashley i, trina, kelsey, samantha, juelia (not jillian), amber, tracy, jillian, jade, nikki, becca, carly, brittany, ashley s, mackenzie, megan, kaitlyn

what i predict
ashley s will stick around a little longer to provide the crazy
chris will continue kissing all the girls and all the girls will keep getting mad about it
once tracy and becca get more air time i think we'll like them.

what did you think of this week? did you hear or see anything i missed?



  1. hahah, I laughed through this whole post. Seriously why did they put juelia and jillian next to each other at the rose ceremony? that was just an epic fail!

  2. I was trying to figure out if Ashley is acting like she is crazy or if she is really crazy. I know the girls were saying she is really crazy and she is not acting but still I wonder. Haha

  3. Hahahaha I love what Alexis said about Ashley I giving wishes on her belly button. Very true!
    I am soooo confused by Ashley S. I just don't even know what to say. I mean... is she for real?
    What the heck happened to Andi and Josh! I was not expecting that!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. This post was great! I just finished watching the second episode and I could not believe some of the stuff that went on. Ashley S. is loony and definitely needs her head checked or some meds. I am pretty sure Chris kissed every girl. I am so with Alexis when she said that Ashley I. is a slut. I doubt she is a virgin.

  5. I'm seriously concerned that Ashely get some psychiatric help!!


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