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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

blogging the bach 19.4

who's watching...the usual crew was busy so it was just celsey and me until husband shawn came home and asked what was going on (pretending like he doesn't care)
date #1...let's do what feels natural/girls at the mansion
megan, kaitlyn, ashley s/i, juelia, samantha, mackenzie, kelsey
what i saw
jillian's blocked out everything-enough with it
several girls i swear i have never seen
carly with a yucky sand dollar necklace
what i heard/said
if you show up to a date with no makeup, you're a moron
this is a date made for bimbos--kelsey (has she ever seen this show?)
where is ashley s? nevermind she and her crazy just showed up
i don't think ashley s is here for the right reasons because i don't even think she knows where here is--kaitlyn
i wonder if she's going to rape him in the woods--cel about ashley i
so the muslim is like a freaking ----- apparently--shawn
what i thought
ashley i needs to GO
kelsey was a total grouch
kaitlyn is starting to grow on me
we still have no idea who samantha is
date #2...something about princess
what i saw
bling. lots and lots of bling
she tried on some pretty dresses and ended up dressing like a bird
what i heard/said
did she like that dress because it has a train--cel
like disney paid them to get the inspiration--shawn about cinderella inspiration
why was he practicing the waltz? he's just doing the deacon shuffle
now he's not dancing. he's not a good multi-tasker, he's a farmer--cel about chris when the movie came on and he couldn't keep dancing
what i thought
they both seem a little too reserved to make this work/it's maybe too late in the season for her
date #3...let's get dirty
nikki, jillian, whitney, carly, britt, becca
what i saw
jillian looks so awkward in a wedding dress+she's wearing the worst shoes
what i heard/said
how can he even lift her?--cel about chris picking up jillian
cody junior--cel
what i thought
why is jillian even on this date? she's obviously going to win
jillian should look up cody code. they seem like a good fit
i don't drink, but if i did i wouldn't get drunk on a one on one date on national television
rose ceremony/cocktail party
what i saw
ashley i is in the her same cinderella dress
what i heard/said
if we don't know who it is, and she has brown hair it's nikki--cel after i said who's that for the 10th time
i am continually so embarrassed for ashley i--me her poor family--cel
what i thought
talking about other girls is a huge waste of time. we all know that. have these girls ever seen this show? we like britt a lot, but she was dumb
word tally (i did even worse this week or maybe they just weren't said)
journey...0(is this for real?)
future wife...2
who's still here...kaitlyn, jade, whitney, carly, megan, samantha, mackenzie, kelsey, becca, ashley i, britt
what i predict..
final four-kaitlyn, becca, britt, whitney
ashley i will continue to be psycho until she gets sent home which hopefully is soon. ps it's not because she's a virgin, it's because she's a freak.
girls keep acting like they've never seen this show
what did you think of this week?


  1. I work late on Monday's now, which is so sad! But I'll be able to follow along with your Bach updates :)

  2. I just need to share this with you. I don't watch The Bachelor anymore, but I still read reviews from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen because I die laughing. I don't think she has one up from the most recent episode yet, but you absolutely have to read her stuff. It is so so funny!

    1. I'm dying to read that blog now, I love it when bloggers make fun of the Bachelor!

  3. Haahaha every time I watch I'm liikke WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?!?! I swear IDK how he gives them roses, I don't recognize half the girls!!

  4. I had the same thought! There were a few girls that I had no idea where there ha ha! I liked Kelsey up until this episode, she was a total snob throughout that entire date and it just annoyed me. I like Jade, she seems really sweet and genuine. Jillian is a beast! Of course she won. I definitely don't think confronting Chris about what other girls have been saying was a smart move for Britt, however I think he took it a little too hard like maybe he was guilty of something?

  5. Here's my thoughts: Yay Ashley S left. Why is Ashley I still there? Jade and Chris might make a good match bc they're both so reserved. Becca seemed to catch my eye more this episode! And Whitney's voice is whiney.


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