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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

blogging the bach 19.3...the week of awkward

i am so tempted to read the spoilers this season. i'm not going to, but i'm really tempted. maybe it's because this season is surprising me a little.
who's watching: celsey, husband shawn completely skipped out this week, sister in law amanda, roommate alexis and friend doom

we start out the week with the amazing jar, and i'm worried my word tally is ruined.

date #1 kaitlyn-join an exclusive club
what i saw...
does chris have tobacco in his mouth? does anyone know if he chews? i'm grossed out if he does.
kissing in costco-was that their first kiss?
what i heard...
she's too famous for costco now. she's been on the bachelor for 3 weeks folks, 3 weeks--cel
lots of giggling in costco
who the h--- needs helicopters when we have costco--chris
you had to be there amanda--doom after she said something smarty pants
what i thought...
i love jimmy kimmel. he's hilar, but he's making this super awkward

date #2 britt, jillian, becca, tracy, mackenzie, samantha, ashley s, juelia, amber, kelsey, nikki, animals
what i saw...
jillian doing crossfit (i did crossfit for a few years and loved it so i feel justified making fun of it)
mackenzie with the biggest open horse mouth attempting to be cute or something but it was BAD
finally a little air time for becca
what i heard...
ashley has her game face on. the crazy is about to come out--cel
you guys have to put that in slow mo because that's the most epic move i've ever seen--britt about jillian (what's up with those two?)
kissing carly was nice--chris (nice makes me nervous for her)
there's a fair amount of kissing going on here. that's the point--chris
i would do it now. get her attention--doom about amber's super low potential nip slip dress
what i thought...
poor mackenzie. bless her heart. she needs to go.
ashley s was completely norm. we're all shocked,

date #3 whining
what i saw...
what i heard...
actually it probably isn't because i have extensions in--doom after chris said he ate whitney's hair
you know something's not really fun when you have to say over and over how fun it is--alexis
i think this is staged--doom about the wedding crashing
i don't think you get mad if people crash your wedding if they bring a gift--cel
they both sound like they are miserable not really interested in each other--amanda
if fleas had voices, that's what i would picture--alexis about whitney's voice
doom made some funny comments about the fantasy suite that can't be repeated on the blog
what i thought...
there's no way the wedding was completely crashed-cameras and permission etc. whitney prob shouldn't be planning their engagement quite yet
cocktail party/pool party/rose ceremony
what i saw...
jade's awful swimsuit
more and more and more kissing
what i heard...
i was so excited to do my kardashian look--ashley i when they find out it's a pool party not a cocktail party (it's prob for the best)
what a buzzkill--doom about juelia who decides taking chris out of a pool full of hot chicks is a good time to tell about her husband--doom
i don't mean to judge her--amanda but you're going to?--doom
we're sorry about your husband.and your headband--cel about juelia
i'm calling her jasmine from now on--cel about ashley i
they went in a group to get one on one time--alexis
what i thought...
ashley i/jasmine and mackenzie really need to go. i don't know how much more of them i can handle

word tally-i kind of failed on this
farm/farmer...forgot to count...oops
future wife/husband...5
who is still here
kaitlyn, becca, whitney, jade, samantha, juelia, mackenzie, kelsey, britt, megan, carly, ashley s, nikki, jillian, ashley i

should have done the nip slip--doom about amber not getting a rose
i told alexis she wasn't as funny this week. her response "sorry nothing to say. this week was so stupid and weird"
what i predict
it seems like next week is going to be crazy-probably not as crazy as the previews show.
kaitlyn will be around for a while. i kind of wish she would go, but i don't think she will.
i need another week before i can pick hometowns

this week was pretty awkward for me. let's hear it. what did you think of this week?


  1. I am so sick of Ashley I talking about the Kardashians and malling Chris to death. I need for her to go. I wouldn't mind seeing her go before Ashley S. Crazy, right?
    I think Chris and Kaitlyn kissed at the Zombie date, so the Costco kiss wasn't their first.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I love this! I think Becca is pulling out on top for one of my favorites! Shes gorgeous & has a wonderful personality (at least of what we have seen so far!)

  3. I have no clue what any of this is. HA! I've never watched this show and as much as I love a good train wreck, I just can't bring myself to. I feel like I might be missing out.

  4. The group date was hilarious! I thought it was fun for the girls to compete like that. Also, I would have kicked butt shoveling the manure (I clean horse stalls) ha ha. Ashley I. seems really insecure, which I don't think she should be because other than her weird "I'm a virgin but I try to be way too sexual" she isn't all thaaaaat bad, in the looks department ha ha! I also thought that she was going to make them both fall off the roof. I think I just feel bad for Ashley, that must be it. I wanted to like MacKenzie (only because we share a name) but I cannot. She makes me feel awkward.


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