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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

wear it wednesday on tuesday...conference attire

due to a scheduling conflict, blogging the bach is moving. it will mostly be on wednesdays. so instead of bach talk today we have fashion talk.

i love love love getting together with other bloggers. it's one of my most favorite things about blogging. sometimes the pressure of what to wear stresses me right out. it's bad enough trying to figure out what to wear to meet ups, but dressing for conferences and other events gives me anxiety. you want to look cute but maybe not too cute. you want to be the right temperature. comfort is generally out for me.

until last week i didn't have any set plans for blog conferences this year, and all of a sudden i'm going to build your blog next month and elevate in may. i'm already worrying about what to wear.

urban outfitters sweater, old navy chambray, gap jeans, fergie boots, nordstrom bag

this outfit seems pretty perfect especially for a conference in the utah winter. it's cute but not too dressed up. it's actually relatively comfortable. layers are always a good idea, and the bag is big enough to hold everything i need.

speaking of build your blog, i would love for you to join me. use code BYBcon25 to save $25 on your registration.

i'm normally a fashion over function believer, but this outfit does both. what about you? what would you wear to a blog conference in the winter?
***i received a ticket to build your blog for writing this post. all opinions are my own.


  1. Layers are definitely a good idea for BYBC. I remember I wore a dress with fleece lined tights and a light cardigan (it had holes in it so it wasn't very warm) and I was roasting by the end of Saturday! They're having it in a much bigger location this year though, so that probably won't be the case as much. I was also pregnant at the time and didn't know it so my body basically hated me by the end of the conference :P
    Still so jealous about Elevate! Hopefully I'll get to go next year. It was the one I really wanted to go to this year, so it would figure that my life wouldn't allow for it, right? ;) jk I'm ok with it, I'll just follow along on all of your social media while I snuggle my baby.

  2. I am so jealous!! Your outfits are ALWAYS adorable!!

  3. Wearing a jacket is so smart! I hate being cold or hot and with a conference room you never know. I think your outfit is perfect. Now to plan mine....which will probably happen the night before, lol.

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