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Thursday, January 15, 2015

book review...for the right reasons

we all know i'm obsessed with the bachelor. don't ask me why that's the one show i choose to watch, but it is. i always say i can only be committed to one show at a time, and it's the bachelor. i tried a season with grey's anatomy a couple of years ago, but i just couldn't keep up with both.
when i say obsessed, i'm not kidding. i have to read all the articles, watch all the interviews, and follow them on social media. when i got the chance to preview sean lowe's book, for the right reasons, before it came out, i immediately said yes.
for the right reasons is exactly what you want it to be-a behind the scenes look at the bachelor and bachelorette. i love sean and catherine. i have watched almost every interview they have done and read every article. i even watched his season of dancing with the stars because he was on. i wondered if there would be anything in the book i didn't already know. if you followed sean's story from the beginning, there is stuff in the book you already know, but he lets us in on plenty of extra secrets (like when he broke the rules). it's an easy entertaining read. for someone like me that loves the show, it's the perfect book.

religion is really important to me, but i don't always have the easiest time sharing it. something i really love about the book is his devotion to Jesus. he very openly shares his faith, and i really love that. this environment, fame, etc could cause many people to blow off their beliefs, but he doesn't. my very favorite part of the book is the very end. sean says "don't save your integrity for the big moments. practice it at all times so you actually have some when the big moments come." i'm pretty sure that's why i'm so obsessed with them.

for the right reasons comes out later this month, but you can pre-order. when you do, you get some extra gifts including a Q&A from sean and catherine and a thank you video. so, what are you waiting for?!? order today.



  1. You've convinced me that I need to read this book. I'll put it on my summer reading list since I'm in the middle of three at the moment plus my textbooks ;) I'll need some reading during baby feeding time, so I'll get this! :) I really do love Sean and Catherine. I love that they brought a whole new image to The Bachelor show that everyone views as one person trying to get a lot of action. I also loved how intrigued everyone was that they waited until their wedding night because I always forget that outside of heavily Mormon populated areas, that's a little odd ;)

  2. Interesting. Everyone loves Sean and Catherine, but honestly, they don't do anything for me.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Wait, so how did you get to read it already??


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