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Friday, January 16, 2015

friday faves...mostly from my phone

some of my favorites from the past little while that never got posted anywhere
i had to take fruit to a meeting earlier this week. fruit bouquets are my fave. 
a possible outfit for wwyd this week. love love love this sweatshirt from olive the things, but the whole outfit just didn't work out. it was so bad i didn't even take full body pictures.
i might have a scarf problem
i'm in serious love with this thing. go get one NOW!
one of my fave things about blogging is connecting with other bloggers. mariel wrote this post about discovering the excitement of family history.
what are some of your faves lately?



  1. I've been dying over the clothes at Olive the Things but for some reason didn't realize she had adult sizes?!?

    1. You are so sweet!! I have adult sweatshirts, but I've had some trouble with sizing so I took them down while I worked it out. I'll try and get them back up soon! And then on March 15th I'll have toddler and mom matching pencil skirts!!

  2. I'm so mad that your sweatshirt isn't longer. Sorry. :(

  3. I've been eating eggs like no one's business thanks to dieting. I need to check that magical genie out!

  4. I LOVE Kim's clothes! Also, my SIL got that egg boiler for Christmas, and she LOVES it!

  5. I love that sweatshirt!! Do you have a link?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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