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Thursday, January 22, 2015

perks of being a blogger...

i started blogging back when everyone had family blogs. it was (and still is) a fun way to document my life. i live far away from family and many friends so it's also a fun way for them to see what i'm doing. when i started blogging, i had no idea i would find so many other perks of blogging. 
blogger event at the awful waffle

i feel so lucky to live in utah where the blogger network is huge. blogger events happen regularly, and it is easy to connect and socialize with other bloggers. it's really fun to interact with other bloggers in person, but it is also really fun to interact with other bloggers online/though social media. some of my very best friendships are because of blogging.
scrapbook page from 2003. no, we weren't matchy matchy on purpose

i stopped scrapbooking years ago, but i still want to document my life. one of the biggest perks of being a lifestyle blogger is the majority of my life is on my blog/instagram. i recently ordered volume 12 of chat books of my instagram pictures. most of my year is documented and printed in cute little books. 
agnes and dora outfit from slumber soiree
i would be 100% lying if i said i don't care about the free stuff or getting paid. who doesn't like free stuff especially cool free stuff?!? i have an occasional post sponsored through product or payment, but it isn't as often as some people think. 
when instagram started killing the family blog, i knew i wanted to keep blogging. i didn't really know why exactly. i just knew i liked it. i still really like it a lot especially now that i've discovered some of the extra perks that come along with it.

are you a blogger? why do you blog?


  1. The benefits of blogging definitely help keep you encouraged to stick with it. I enjoy it!

  2. All so true!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I see so many familiar faces in the first picture at Awful Waffle, I am so jealous!! I love having blogger friends... I am even going on a blogger lunch today :) But yes, getting paid to do what I love is amazing!!!

  4. I love blogging to document our lives, my kids are growing up way too fast so it's wonderful having a way of keeping track of all the things they do

  5. I'm still newer to blogging, so I haven't gotten many of the perks yet. I did final,y meet some local bloggers and it was really nice! The community is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging.

  6. The perks are coming slowly but really I blog because I love writing :)

  7. Love it! For me blogging is all about being able to process my feelings as I write.

  8. All of these! Met great people, too bad I'm not in Utah though! Keeping up with a scrapbook is way harder than just blogging. And free stuff haha. Not a bad perk at all.

  9. I did a post kind of like this a week or two ago: 6 things that motivate me to continue blogging.....and I totally agree with all 3!


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