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Friday, January 9, 2015

NYE 2014

when i started making holiday travel plans, i asked laurann if i should come back for new year's eve. she said yes, and i joked that she was responsible for making sure we had some sort of plans. new year's eve is basically the worst holiday ever-especially for a single mormon girl. i don't drink. i don't hook up with random dudes. therefore, this holiday really isn't for me. there is a lot of pressure to have the best plans in the world and do something really cool. is that even reality for anyone?

after working out and getting ready for the day, i met bloggy friends amberly and kelsey for lunch. one of my favorite things about living in utah is people always come here to visit. i'm so happy i got to see kelsey while she was in town for the holidays.
rachel was also in town for the holidays. we met up for a quick (less than 15 minutes quick) photo shoot. it was super cold that day, and we couldn't even handle being outside for one more second.
full shoot coming soon
krisit and laurann went to an early movie and then we met for indian food. i'm kind of hit or miss with indian, but it was so yummy.
after dinner we went to stephanie and michelle's small get together. it was perfectly low key mixed with plenty of laughs.
we got to laurann's house in time to write down our goals from 2014 and burn them in the fire to get ready for 2015 goals. we all chose our words for 2015 and for some reason burned them too. the fire part was kind of scary but also kind of fun.

i didn't find the biggest best plans to celebrate the new year, but my day/night were perfect. how did you ring in the new year?


  1. We both choose FOCUS for our 2015. Let's keep each other in line and focusing this year, okay?

    And I'm a married Mom who doesn't drink so... NYE is pretty lame in my world.

  2. I think that's kind of interesting that you burned your 2014 word!


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