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Monday, January 12, 2015

random rambling...crazy

running is a pretty big part of my life. i talk about it a lot and shared my full running story. i don't really love to run. i love the people i run with. i love the challenge. i love setting and accomplishing goals. i love pushing my body. i really do love it.
i realize getting up before the birds to go running in the cold seems a little absurd. i also realize running 26.2 miles (10 times) can seem a little crazy. i have a really hard time when people tell me i'm crazy. i feel like it's important to help each other out and celebrate each other's successes rather than making people feel like they are out of their mind for setting goals. running is really hard for me. i'm not that good at it. i am not competitive at all, and i am really slow. BUT, it is a huge and very important part of my life. i get pretty sensitive when people call me crazy. i know my friends and family don't mean to hurt my feelings, but it really does make me sad.
i would love to hear your thoughts. am i just being oversensitive?


  1. I think you're awesome for the amount of running and marathons you've accomplished!

  2. I honestly think most people say things like that out of habit. It's usually just an expression commonly used when people actually think something is extraordinary or really hard to do. Sometimes I think people use it to help themselves feel better if they're not accomplishing something or they're nit feeling very accomplished at the time. Either way, I do agree that we should celebrate each other's accomplishments and encourage goals also.

  3. I think that's a compliment! I think it's people's way of saying "You're doing something I could never do"


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