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Monday, January 26, 2015


i'm pretty open about most things (in real life and here on the blog). i talk about almost everything, but i don't talk much at all about dating or the lack of dating. there's no good reason why. i just don't.

i went to dinner with some friends last week, and the subject of online dating came up yet again. i don't do online dating. i never have. this post could go on and on forever, but here are the main reasons why...
1. i don't want to have to. i don't want to be single and dealing with this anymore. i don't want to have to weed through all the crazies with the hope of finding a decent one or two. i just don't want to deal with it which is all completely crazy because i really do have to deal with it.
2. i'm way too insecure
i'm not getting any younger, and i'm not meeting anyone in any other area of my life. my friend has jokingly offered to set up and manage an online account for me. am i crazy for considering it? my february focus is on love so I just might let her. or i just might chicken out.

i'm also not a very creative dater. i am perfectly happy with simple dinner+movie dates. although i'm not generally a big movie watcher, i won't protest cuddling up on the couch for a movie. i like to go out, but i don't mind staying in either. what do you prefer?

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  1. You know me...I use to be very anti online dating. BUT my heart has soften and I have changed my opinion of it. I have seen some really great relationships/marriages because of online dating! SO I say go for it (if anything for the entertainment value, right)! Will it be annoying? Yes. Will you get some "what the...." moments? Yes. But you never know! I think if you approach it the right way, then it could be really good! If you're not meeting potential suitors through other areas of your life (work, social life, church, blogging, etc.) then I say why not? Just make sure you email/text me the funny likes/chats/swipes so that we can laugh about them together.

    PS...I wrote this once, but my dang blogger profile wasn't selected so I had to write it again. So this is the Readers Digest version of my first comment :)

  2. If you're looking to find your person I would totally recommend you do try online dating. My brother met his wife through e-harmony. She was in New Jersey and he was in Washington and there's no way they would have met if it weren't for the internet. I hope you find your love soon, however he comes into your life. :-)

  3. Hmm...favorite at home dating activity? Netflix is too easy, but I do like a little dance party for two.

  4. I like popping some popcorn and renting a movie or watching one on Hulu/Netflix/Amazon. We love popcorn and we also give each other a foot or back rub. Although, not when eating popcorn.

  5. Nothing like a good Redbox movie with your favorite person.

  6. You should do whatever you feel comfortable with. If that means no internet dating, then no internet dating. Shannon Hall from The Hallway met her husband online!

  7. I love game night, we really get into it. lol. Both very competitive.

  8. If you're considering letting your friend run your account, go for it! I like that idea ;) If I was still single, this TED talk would totally have me convinced to try online dating

  9. What can you lose by online dating? Nothing. If nothing else it's fun to go through the profiles and laugh at the crazies. I had one guy contact me that seriously took his rifle for glamor shots. No kidding. I used to have the screenshots on my phone. I always looked at it as something to do that night, rather than the pressure of a date. If we didn't like each other, no big deal at least we got out of the house and met someone new.

  10. We usually play cards or just catch up on all of our DVR'd shows!
    Erika W.

  11. You know how I feel about online worked for me! If you want to chat sometime about what I learned (which sites are best, which ones to avoid, tips to avoid weirdos, etc) I'd love to talk it over with you! Maybe over lunch or dinner? Its been awhile! One of the best things about online dating is you can pre-screen before actually going out in person. If anything, you can message, text, talk on the phone, etc. Online dating really helped my insecurity after my divorce. Its way easier "putting yourself out there" when its just an online profile.

  12. I am trying to do an online dating thing but so far, no guys would want a Deaf lady with a 6 years old cat. Haha! Although, an at home date night activity would definitely be conversing in sign language and have a fun game with each other!


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