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Friday, January 2, 2015


yesterday i talked about my word for 2015
each month this year i want to FOCUS on something specific. in january, i will 
i love to work out. i always have. somehow, fitness wasn't as much of a priority last year as it should have been. i'm really excited for this month.
in order to have success with goals, i think it's really important to have small, measurable goals as well as rewards for accomplishment.

my smaller goals to FOCUS on FITNESS 
1. exercise 6 days a week
2. lift weights at least 2x/week
3. 100 situps daily

i started on my fitness goals a little early, and i'm happy to say i've done well so far. my reward for continuing to meet my goals is to start the orange theory when it opens.

what are your january goals?
i'll be over at a little too jolley talking about goals tomorrow. check it out here.



  1. I like that you have little goals within your goals :) Smart!

  2. It makes me laugh that you say you didn't really focus on fitness last year. How many marathons did you run?!:) I like this, though. I'm working on my fitness as well throughout the year.

  3. Good for you girl! Look at all your shoes.

  4. I'm focusing on the blog this month!


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