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Thursday, February 26, 2015

blogging the bach 19.10

after last week's marathon bach watching, i wasn't sure we would make it another week, but here we are. i can't believe we're already at this point in the season.

who's watching...celsey, amanda, me

date 1...kaitlyn
what i saw...
her booty-where's the black box?
what i heard/said 
romance is outside of your comfort zone?
eeeww don't put me in your armpit--cel
why isn't he in a breathable t shirt--cel
i hate animals, but those baby monkeys are so cute
her hair looks awful-cel and me at the exact same time
i'm falling in love with you as well--chris--is that even allowed?
what i thought
kaitlyn says she's falling in love, chris doesn't have a clue how to respond so he just says it back. they close the blinds in the suite and we can all use our imaginations about what happens next. we're pretty sure she's going home.

date 2...whitney
what i saw
we were all pretty distracted by her tan situation
also an unfortunate dress situation
what i heard/said
all of these dates are always the same-on a boat, exploring the town, how annoying--cel
she looks like she took a bath in a bag of cheetos--amanda
did she have a ross gellar moment in the tanning salon--amanda 
small is an understatement--cel about arlington
what i thought
chris was sweating bullets talking to whitney about arlington=he really cares about her

date 3...becca
what i saw
i usually love beeca's wardrobe choices, but these fabrics are no bueno
what i heard 
she wants to die--amanda
her hair...what happened? and did she lose her suitcase--cel
did she find a 5 foot asian woman and borrow her dress--amanda
do they not allow sunscreen?--cel
could they make the card any more awkward?
i'm kind of getting sick of her saying she's a virgin. definitely should have counted that.
i feel like it's not that big of a deal--cel
what i thought
being a virgin seems preferable to someone who has a shady past
we're pretty sure there must have been some editing. he was totally fine with her telling him.
we're also pretty sure they don't have sex. he's not going to do that to her on national tv.

rose ceremony
what i saw
traditional outfits
terrible hair poor girls
what i heard/said
bump its went out so long ago--amanda
whitney looks super confident-as she should. becca looks terrified.
tell us how you really feel whitney--cel
do you hear their heartbeats?--amanda
what i thought
when he came back with becca, it was pretty obvious she was staying
kaitlyn is a strong contender for bachelorette 

word tally

what i predict
it seems like chris really wants it to be becca, but i don't know if she can get to the place she needs to be. we really like becca a lot, but we're worried for her. we're pretty torn on what we think. what are your thoughts?


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  1. Hmmmm. . . I hope it's Becca, but I really have no idea.


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