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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

blogging the bach 19.5

i watched on tuesday night. i got so many texts on monday night about how crazy this week was.
who's watching...celsey, husband shawn who always pretends he doesn't care, sister in law amanda and roommate alexis who joined part way through
date #1...carly...let's come together
what i saw
so much awkwardness
carly's eyelashes that need a fill asap
what i heard
why do they make it sound like they're in africa?--celsey
this is so embarassing--amanda
can we not just keep saying deeper and other weird things--celsey
i feel like this would be awkward for me and cel and we've been married for like 3 1/2 years--shawn
what i thought
i feel so bad for her eyelashes. can't someone give her a fill? i'm prob distracted by her eyelashes to avoid the awks of the situation
that was probably one of the worst dates in all of bach history
date #2...jade, megan, kaitlyn, whitney, mckenzie, samantha, becca, ashley, kelsey...i'm rapidly falling in love
what i saw
lots and lots of pink lipstick
jordan making a fool of herself
what i heard
i hate that girl. she has stupid bear california socks.--shawn(definitely pretending not to care)
why does megan act like she has a chance?--cel
what's the girl with the weird dress? she looks like she shops at wet seal--alexis
what i thought
ashley is absurd and whitney should def not discuss it with chris
date's the limit
what i saw
britt waking up with her full face on (smart girl)
britt's instagram cleared up what happened behind closed doors-talking lots of talking
what i heard
is she always wearing lipstick?--alexis
why is she already crying--amanda
i love kising you--chris
what i thought
chris really likes britt. i like her too, but i think she's prob the arie of this season
pre and rose ceremony
what i saw
i legit had a freak out about kelsey. it was so horribly awkward and uncomfortable which led us to google. she was in fact married. she deactivated her twitter after this episode. probably for the best.
what i heard
she's so manipulative. she scares me--amanda about kelsey
how did it hit home--cel about kaitlyn
these people here are freaking psychos--shawn
what i thought
i'm dying that we don't see who leaves. this kelsey situation is so out of control.
what i predict...
i love becca a lot, but i'm nervous for her. she hasn't gotten enough air time. i really hope she sticks around, but i'm afraid unless she's on the 2-on-1.
ashley i looks like she's on  the 2-on-1 and will obviously leave
we think/hope kelsey gets sent home
word tally
future wife/husband...1
this week was completely crazy! i'm dying to hear what everyone thinks.

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