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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

running fun

running isn't for everyone. just because i run doesn't mean i think everyone should, but i get asked about running all the time. i shared my full running story a few years ago. it's no secret that i don't love running. i love a lot of parts of running especially with my group, but i don't love going outside my front door for a quick 3 mile run. 
most of the time i run marathons and occasionally a half marathon. yes, they are hard and take a lot of hard work and training, but i am much more of a distance runner than a sprinter. there are so many 5Ks here all.the.time. i could literally runa 5K every weekend if i wanted to. i don't run a lot of them, but the color run is definitely worth doing.

i ran the color run last year with my co-worker chris.
The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.
Now the single largest event series in the world, The Color Run has exploded since its debut event. They have more than tripled their growth, hosting more than 300 events in 50+ countries in 2014.

The 2015 theme is the Shine Tour which pretty much sounds amazing. Everyone in 2015 will receive a limited edition Shine Tour Participant Kit, including: custom race tee, gold finisher's medal, tricolor headband w/ silver stitching, brand-new shine packet, and shiny tattoos. Talk about "bling" with benefits!

We're pumping up the 5k course and finish festival too! Look for a unique Sparkle Zone and killer photo ops on course. At the finish festival, get ready for confetti cannons, shimmering clouds of color, and more!

last year was a total blast, and i expect this year to be even better. are you convinced yet? use code MLC143657 to save $5 on registration. sign up now!
code works after the first 30 days of registration 

***i received an entry to the color run in exchange for this post. all opinions are my own.


  1. My goal is to run a 5k with my sister in November this year. Getting up early on Thanksgiving morning to run is not sounding super fun to me, but it's my goal to help me get in shape after this baby (although I'm pretty sure I'm in better shape now than I was before I got pregnant oddly enough...) and I figure I can handle a 5k easy. I'll never be a marathon or half marathon runner like you, but I can challenge myself to do the little, "fun" runs! :)

  2. Oooo I really want to do this run and I love your leggings in that photo!! SO cute!


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