Tuesday, February 24, 2015

boys and girls

i have this theory that boys and girls can't really be just friends. at some point in the relationship one or the other is interested in something more than friendship. i had this discussion last might with my friend's boyfriend. it blew his mind a little as he started thinking about some of his female friends. even though they may not admit it, i guarantee one or both had interest at some point. 
what do you thin? can boys and girls really just be friends?



  1. I think this depends on the degree of the friendship maybe... maybe not.. But I definitely agree. The guys that I hung out with in high school and who were in my ward, etc. depending on how good of friends we were, yeah, I had some interest at some point ish, but most of the time it was short lived. But I guess if you're saying one or the other will, I definitely agree, I keep thinking both... and this comment is making absolutely no sense I just realized.. I think there was one guy who I was super good friends with before I met Joe who we both had moments of wondering if we could be more than friends, but nobody ever took the plunge and asked the other out or tried to move our friendship beyond that, so we never knew. And yep, that brain dump I just did made no sense... none at all...

  2. I have several male friends and in most cases you're definitely right. .I was interested and they were, too at some point. I've had a few male friends that I've met through work that were already in relationships. In that situation I wasn't interested but there was still a degree of flirting. I know that sounds horrible but it's not and I tend to be more flirtatious in nature.

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