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Thursday, February 12, 2015

blogging the bach 19.6

i've pretty much been dying since last week. to be continued is torture.
who's watching...celsey, amanda, alexis, and baby mav (she always makes the most appropriate noises at the best times)

kelsey is CRAZY! and also manipulative. and a black widow
mackenzie and samantha got sent home. we wish we would have seen more of samantha, and we didn't miss mackenzie one little bit.

welcome to deadwood, south dakota-the perfect place to fall in love
south dakota is the perfect place to fall in love. said no one ever--cel

date #1...let's give love a shot-becca
what i saw
becca and her amazing style
kelsey bringing out more and more crazy
what i heard
she's lucky those pants fit her like a glove or else--cel
no that was your second kiss. the first was terrible--cel
what i thought
love becca
date #2...let's make some sweet music together-whitney, jade, britt, kaitlyn, carly, megan
what i saw
hideous outfits-all of them
what i heard
why is megan so dumb?--cel
why is megan still here?--alexis
i would never be the spaz running ahead of everyone--alexis
i think half her brain is empty and full of air--amanda about megan
i think she traded out brain for boob--cel about megan
this is the worst date. i hate it so much--alexis. me too alexis
when in doubt, feel free to take it down an octave--cel about jade
the girls are going to be so mad. i'm most excited to see that--alexis after chris took britt away
what i thought
i can't believe he gave britt the rose after having a 1-on-1 last week.
why didn't he send the other girls back to the hotel?
the girls are mad at britt, but they should be mad at chris. he's kind of dumb about his time when other girls are around.
date #3...let's have good times in the bad lands-kelsey and ashley
what i saw
ashley thinks she is kim kardashian, and it's awful
kelsey is dressed like 2010 and/or a mom
what i heard
that vest looks like a bath towel with a shoe string around it--alexis
i feel bad for chris. both of these girls suck--alexis
he has to keep his hands on his arms to brace himself from getting knocked over from her--cel about ashley
she's acting like a 14 year old
he looks like he gives really nice hugs--alexis after we talked about how awful this date is for him and all of us watching us
i'm like negative 1% in--cel
this is emotionally draining. get the helicopter running--amanda about chris leaving on the helicopter and leaving kelsey there
there's no way they would put them in the same helicopter as him. they would push him out--alexis
what i thought
i'm pretty sure we all thought the same thing. that date was terrible, and we're all glad it's over. we're especially glad they're both gone.
word tally
journey...0 (is that for real? i feel like kelsey prob said it a few times)
future wife...oops i forgot to count this one
why didn't they show the rose ceremony again? this is killing us
what i predict
megan has to leave soon. right?!?
the girls are going to freak right out when they go to iowa. i can't really picture any of them living there.


  1. I am so behind on Bachelor. I need to finish the second half of last week's episode and watch this past week's :P

  2. For some reason this season has left me feeling totally awkward while watching! For example, I have to look away when Ashley I. makes out with Chris, but thankfully that will not be happening any more. She was super immature about getting sent home. I was laughing so hard about Kelsey glaring at her and her not looking, that was pretty entertaining.

  3. Can we literally talk about what a scary psychopath Kelsey is?


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