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Monday, February 16, 2015

random story

for the majority of my adult life, i have lived away from my immediate family. both of my sisters lived in utah at separate times for a few months. i absolutely wish i lived close to my family. i miss them all the time, and saying goodbye when i do see them is just about the worst thing ever.
my mom is from southern utah, and my dad is from iowa. i grew up mostly in north carolina which means we didn't live close to any extended family at all. 
we didn't see our first cousins much at all so we definitely didn't see even more extended family. most of my mom's cousins and their families live in utah, but i still don't see them like ever.
my friend kristie had a small valentine's day party. her good friend eric walked in and asked my last name. (i think kristie mentioned who was coming so he probably heard it at some point). i told him, and i was completely unprepared for his response.
"we're cousins"
um,,,no. we're not.
as it turns out, we are in fact cousins, second cousins. eric's mom and my mom are cousins. i've probably only seen him 2-3 times in my whole time, but i still felt super embarrassed. he was nice and we joked about it.  it was definitely funny but also a little awkward and a lot embarrassing.
do you live close to your family? do you know your 2nd and 3rd cousins?


  1. I live real close to my family & consider my 2nd cousins my 1st, too. My husbands from up North though & has a very small family that we barely talk to. He grew up with one first cousin as opposed to my actual 12!

  2. Hahaha, that's kind of funny, but sad :( I love extended family!! I've had a fun time getting to know Joe's and even have gotten to know his parent's cousins and their kids a bit. I know a few of my parent's cousins and their kids fairly well, and would recognize most of them if I saw them I think... I hope... it's just always a question of if they'd know me!

  3. My family is pretty much split in half between Ohio(where I live) and Tennessee. There are, of course, a few relatives scattered elsewhere.

  4. That's funny! My side of the family is a little like yours, we don't really live close to anyone and I've never really been close to any of my cousins or anything. My husband, however, is the complete opposite and I'm a little envious!

  5. I don't really see a lot of my extended family either, I would walk right past most of them and wouldn't know them, so I totally understand!


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