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Monday, February 9, 2015

weekend happs

i really try very hard not to wish time away. it's so easy to wish life away waiting for the next holiday or vacation or weekend. i try to be happy everyday and enjoy where i am right now, but i really do love the weekend. this weekend was no exception.
the weekend started with a fun, low key galentines party. i only took one picture all night probably because i spent most of the night chatting/laughing with chandra, brielle, and ashley. somehow we started looking up oldest living animals. did you know the average well cared for goldfish lives 10-20 years? the longest goldfish was 43 years old. #randomfacts
getting up in the 4s makes me kind of grumpy, but my saturday morning run was too great to be grumpy. the weather felt like spring. the sky was beautiful. we ran a new route. i'm not running a marathon anytime soon, but i'm training for the ogden marathon with a few of these ladies. i'm hoping training will help me get a little stronger and faster. 
carolyn, a, shawnie, me, renae, barbara, joann
we think we own the road
i went to lunch with the generation gap ladies. these 3 showed up #matchymatchy and i love that. we always take pictures and see each other in our running clothes.
citris grill with these lovely ladies
anytime we hear the door when we're not expecting anyone, we get a little scared. saturday afternon it was just our neighbors coming over with a little treat. they really are the best neighbors.
i always have painted nails, but i don't always have fun designs. i got together with laurann for nail night on saturday. after a busy day, it was the perfectly relaxing way to end the day.
my instagram feed was pretty full of sugar cookies over the weekend. i just about died at the cuteness of these.

sunday is for churchy things. i finally finished the primary bulletin board thanks to monthly prints from etsy.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?
make sure to come back on wednesday for what would you do...with a date night. come link up your date night posts.
blogging the bach is on thursday this week.



  1. The goldfish thing is so cool! It's why my Valentine's gift a few years ago went from the plan of being a goldfish and a little bowl to a huge tank ;) I found out that with proper environment and care, they can be huge and live a long time!

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