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Thursday, February 5, 2015

midway ice castles

ever since the ice castles started coming to utah, i've been dying to go. someone i seem to miss it every year. it feels like i am the only person in the entire state that doesn't go. my social media feeds are full of posts, and i'm super jealous. the ice castles are usually open for several weeks to a month, but winter isn't really happening in utah this year. because of the warm weather, they were only open for a few days.
last monday at work co-worker tiffany and i were talking about always wanting to go. on a whim, we decided to go that night. after struggling with ticket reservation for a couple of hours and convincing ourselves it wasn't going to work out, we were on our way.
we came in and immediately started taking pictures. i'm pretty sad i didn't take my camera although maybe my iphone was a better choice.
sage and tiffany

some pictures turned out and others not so much
i sat on this huge block of ice to attempt to get a decent picture. mostly i just ended up with a wet booty
sage jokingly ran up to elsa and anna to get a picture
all the music all night was frozen. what did they do before frozen?

we tried all night long to take a good picture. it never really happened.

the ice castles were amazing! i am so glad i finally got to go. we had such a fun night.



  1. I didn't make it last year and didn't make it again this year! It looks like so much fun though. Maybe next year :P


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