Monday, February 23, 2015

random rambling...friend journal

last week i talked about family. my family is so important to me, and i love and miss them so much. today i'm talking about friends. my friends are also so important to me. i love meeting new people, and i want everyone to be my best friend. i have lots of best friends, and i really love it so much.
i love spending time with friends and family and making memories together.
we all know i have a lot of stuff-nail polish, cardigans, shoes, etc. one of my most favorite things i have is my friend journal.
i can't remember the exact assignment, but in high school i did a project where i started a journal with entries from friends. they wrote notes to me about our friendship, and i loved it from the start. i loved it so much i decided to keep doing it. throughout every era of my life-high school, summer camp, college, study abroad, post college, work, etc. i continue to have friends write in my friend journal when they move, get married, move on. some people write serious things. some people write silly things. some people share memories. it is the perfect way for me to remember our friendship. i haven't had my friend journal for the past year and a half because someone took it to write in it. i got it back a couple of weeks ago. i couldn't resist staying up late reading some of the entries. it made me so happy and a little emotional to read notes from friends. thank you high school for one of my most prized possessions. 


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