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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

blogging the bach 19.7/19.8

there was a whole heckuva lotta bach this week. i love the bachelor just about as much as anyone, but 5 hours in one week is a bit excessive.
who's watching...celsey and i watched the first 3 hours with a little bit of shawn here and there. amanda and alexis joined at the tail end of hour 3 through the end.
chris tells all
what i saw
kelsey in a hideous crocheted doily dress, ashley onion girl's audition tape (how/when did she turn so weird)
what i heard
"i clearly know less about women than i ever thought i knew"--chris
what i thought
what was the point of interviewing kelsey? is she not coming to women tell all?
i wanted to cry with andi. i am so so so sad about it.still.
can anyone please tell me the point of the chris tells all hour? it was a little unnecessary.
week 7
i'm not loving starting the show with the rose ceremony, chris does what he wants i guess.
these girls are way too excited to go to's not that great. i promise.
date #1,,,jade...join me in my hometown
what i saw
farmville-i could never live there.ever
what i heard
she looks like she got her outfit at buckle.5 years ago,and she's not layering properly--cel
he would have to make enough money so i could be a stay at home crafter with an etsy shop--cel (i don't disagree)
i would have taken someone a little more outgoing on this date--cel
football players=band members #notreal
what i thought
jade and chris don't have much of a connection. they're not going to make it.
date #2...whitney..let's look for love in des moines
what i saw 
definitely more excitement than when chris saw jade
kissing.lots and lots of kissing
chris does weird things with his mouth-did we ever establish if he chews?
what i heard
they take good pictures together. she's a good poser--cel
chris being super impressed with whitney
because of her hair, her teeth look yellow--cel #truth
what i thought
whitney and chris seem like a much better pair than jade and chris
whitney seems pretty realistic about what she's getting into. i'm sure reality would still kick her in the butt though.
date #3...britt, carly, kaitlyn..icy our future together
what i saw
britt in another crop top and another
carly needs to borrow some lipstick from every other girl there
what i heard
she's wearing a fringed top. she robbed dolly's clothes--cel about carly's awful attire
why do they always have to run away?--cel about britt and chris
carly tattle telling on britt #worstideaever
i feel like he trusts what they say a little too much--cel
i don't understand why this is so awkward--cel--this isn't the first episode of this show. we all know how this show works.
britt making a major fool of herself. she definitely should have stopped talking the second she started.
you're on the bachelor. you're never going to be the last one until you're the last one--amanda
her feelings would be valid if she wasn't on the bachelor--alexis
what i thought
this is the first time chris has had any sort of real conversations with anyone
i really like britt, but she totally showed her crazy this week. being on the bachelor definitely got to her this week.
if this was real life, chris would probably date kaitlyn. she started out strong, but she seems a little too far behind at this point
week 8
date with becca from last week
what i saw
becca has amazing style
the most amazing sunset
what i heard
k. all the crime in des moines..killing me--cel
i could do without the sound effects whenever they kiss--alexis
what i thought
becca got a slow start but seems to have caught up

rose ceremony
what i saw
bad outfits-they must be running out of dresses
chris doesn't care one little bit about what britt has to say
what i heard
looks like they're all putting on a few lbs--cel
they're all in depression because they're in iowa--alexis
chris once again throwing someone under the bus
beg the producers to let you go buy something else if you've gained too much weight for your dress--cel
i'm pretty sure i had that dress in 7th grade. it's out of style--amanda about britt
what i thought
britt clearly lost her mind, but all of those girls were rude.
there must be some short hometowns after spending so much time on this
hometown date #1..becca
what i saw 
i usually love becca's style, but this shirt is awful
what i heard
i don't really get it. you can't have a boyfriend if you're a virgin?--cel
she looks like a salsa dancer--amanda
why is her sister acting like her mom?--cel
does she want her sister to have a chance?--alexis
wait, that's my dream--alexis about the ferris wheel
i'm going to put on lots of makeup and get myself a melt--cel and alexis about becca's sister
what i thought
becca definitely made up for lost time
she might be a serious contender for the bachelorette
hometown date #2..whitney
what i saw
whitney is such a skinny 
big statement necklaces
chris needs a haircut
whitney and her sister look nothing alike
what i heard
what are they going to do all day? she doesn't have parents--amanda
she's a fertility nurse not a fertility doctor--amanda
what if jade is in that playboy?--amanda
does anyone else in the family talk like her?--alexis
i feel like you have to say yes if you're on the show and pray for a long engagement--cel about asking for the sister's blessing
what i thought
obviously the sister is concerned, but has she ever seen this show?
after their date in iowa+the end of the hometown...strong contender
hometown date #3...kaitlyn
what i saw 
kaitlyn seems a titch underdressed
things don't seem to be going as well as they did on the last group date
what i heard
why is she behind the dumpster?--alexis
they're a laugh match for sure--cel
how much plastic surgery has that girl had?--shawn about the mom
that's the camera--cel when kaitlyn's mom said she sees the light
what i thought
chris likes kaitlyn but not as much as he likes whitney and becca
hometown date #4...jade
what i saw
no date before meeting the fam
they're looking at the photos and we're all freaking out
what i heard
dark cloud of pornography--amanda
i think her step mom got a buckle shirt from a consignment store--amanda
i think her mom went and got her hair done--alexis
it's so sad all this is coming from her family--amanda
his heart just died--amanda
juelia dropped the bomb about her husband at a pool party--cel
what i thought
i can't believe jade showed him the photos/video even if the producers really encouraged it. whoever he picks in the end is going to freak.
rose ceremony
what i saw
these girls need some styling help
chris crying
what i heard
hallelujah--alexis about jade leaving
what is whitney's hair doing? it's like a bump it--alexis
she got those massive earrings so there's that--cel
she's really going home because she didn't look good naked--shawn
what i thought
i'm surprised how sad he was about jade. it seemed obvious that she was going home,
word tally-from all 4 hours
farm...2 (is that for real after being in iowa for one whole episode?)
amazing...11 (i probably missed a few of these)
wife/husband...5 (probably missed some of those too)
what i predict
kaitlyn has really grown on me since the first few weeks. she is pretty hilarious, but i just don't see it with her. my guess it will be becca and whitney in the end.
did you survive all 5 hours this week? what did you think?


  1. There's usually no kissing in the departures, but both Britt and Jade kissed Chris. I don't know why I noticed that, but for reals....we're breaking up right now, here's a goodbye kiss.

  2. My vote is for Becca I think. But seriously, "I can show you some of the images if you want." - Jade, and Chris agreed...that was stupid, so stupid..

  3. I haven't watched week 8 yet so I'll skip that part, I agree with everything else you said! The lipstick on the show is insane, all the crazy colors!! And the crop tops have got to go, Britt dresses like a punk little boy, it drives me nuts. And being a tattle tale?! I think Carly is hilarious, but hasn't she watched the show? It never goes well for the girl who tattles!

  4. Ashley HAS to be on drugs. There is not two ways around it, she is on drugs to be acting that irrationally.


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