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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

blogging the paradise 2.1

we love this show, but 2 nights is a lot. we're watching both nights on monday night.

who's watching...celsey and husband shawn, shawn's sisters amanda, alicia and lacy, alexis 

video intros
what i saw
we really like tanner, but his intro was a little weird
what i heard
i feel like each season they push the envelope a little more--alexis
i feel like each season chris harrison gets cheesier and cheesier--lacy
when you admit you cry too much, it's a problem--lacy
wait, i thought she was arabic--shawn, for real her sister is white as bleep bleep--shawn
what i thought
how do they choose who gets a video intro?

welcome to paradise
what i saw
jared who immediately grabs jade's hand
tenley-admits it's been 5 years since she's been on a bach show. whhhyy is she back?
carly with very blond hair and dark eyebrows
mikey t
ashley i and her sister lauren
ashley s
what i heard
that's why they're on bachelor in paradise--alicia after someone said the guys are classy
she looks like she got botox--lacy
i'm sure they came to her and said it's you and your sister or neither--alicia
you can't be born again 10 times
we're from the jersey shore but we don't like meat heads--cel
she looks like a news anchor--alicia about ashley s
what i thought
how did ashley i get to bring her sister?
can't wait to see who pairs up

the wedding
what i saw
a bunch of strangers watching lacy and marcus getting married
what i heard
i bet what's her name feels pretty dumb in a swimsuit right now--amanda
what i thought
there's no way this is their real wedding. right?!?
weirdest wedding ever

night 1
what i saw
lauren is just like her drama sister
what i heard
cuz they've probably all seen her stuff--lacy
drink some and you can be friendlier--alicia
it's worse than her sister's fake cry--lacy
she got the bird flu--alicia at the preview of ashley s going to the hospital
this gives me severe anxiety--alicia about kirk and carly
it's the first night--amanda about ashley i's freak out
she's not a pretty crier--alexis
she's laugh crying--cel right before ashley i says she's laugh crying
what i thought
paradise is definitely going to be entertaining

day 2
what i saw
lots of kissing already
what i heard
i would definitely invest in some new bikinis--cel 
is her swimsuit from the 80s?--alicia
and she's wearing a sarong--cel
are those high heel sneakers?--alexis
why are they all fried?--cel
she looks fascinated--alexis
she didn't even do her nails. shellac guys. it lasts 2 weeks--alicia
and they're under the water folks--cel
he looks bored out of his mind--lacy about jared
ok you old fart, get your bleep off the show--amanda
she seems a lot older than everyone else--alexis about clare
what i thought
i keep finding myself covering my eyes when ashley i talks
clare is definitely going to cause some drama and also talking to more animals

day 3
what i saw
so much awkwardness when clare and mikey are talking
tenley kissing jj-wow
what i heard
he is trying so hard to get a girl--lacy
you got me out of the house to workout?--lacy
he's so immature it's embarrassing--cel
i wish that people would just not talk--alicia
crying on cue--cel
why is it always thundering and lightning?--alicia
lauren will save the day--alexis
you have to work for the rose. put out woman-or send your sister--alicia
she looks like she peaked in high school--alicia
we've heard enough whining from you--amanda
should have gotten in the pool lady--lacy
what i thought
ashley i thinks tenley is old. she is a little old for the show, but 32 is definitely not old.
ashley i is going to be like ashlee with graham from last season

i needed a break from the word tally so this season we'll have 
tear tally--13
ugly crier of the week--ashley i

did you watch? thoughts?
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  1. Why is everyone so into Jade???? I really like Tenley, I'd forgotten all about her. I just watched one hour yesterday On Demand. It's my "while I feed the baby before bed" show because he likes to fall asleep instead of stare at me while he eats and because he keeps falling asleep, it takes an hour. But that's ok, bedtime may take an hour to an hour and a half (if I bathe him first), but I get to relax (which is much needed) and snuggle with the little munckin. Anyway... I'll be finished with this week's episodes on Thursday I guess haha

  2. haha I love this! I wasn't going to watch, but who am I kidding, I love the sleazy drama! I love that everyone is fighting over Jared, and that Ashley I thinks she is 'validating' something with him, and he's trying to get rid of her. and Mikey is so weird.. I feel like I'm cringing most of the show because of the awkwardness! haha.

  3. I've decided the next round, I'm going to watch. Remind me, okay? I love a good trainwreck of a TV show and I think this one just may fit the bill!

  4. Yeah, totally watching. I couldn't help myself and had to put my thoughts into a blog post. I edited about a million times because I didn't want to sound too mean. I am loving the Ashley S. and Dan situation. ALSO, not too happy that Clare is back.

    1. P.S. when I tried to comment from my wordpress account, it was acting all weird.


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