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Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend happs

i will enjoy every last minute of summer until it is totally gone. i probably should start shopping for boots or sweaters or something, but i just can't. i will be in denial about summer ending until it's long gone. for now, i'm still loving summer.

we had our summer work party friday evening. they went with a hero (super hero and local hero) theme which included policemen, firemen (my personal fave), EMTs, and a few super heroes. it was fun to catch up with families i've worked with over the years.

i stopped by walmart on my way home for some groceries. i got super sidetracked by the clothes. they have so many good workout clothes on clearance right now-tanks for $5, padded sports bras for $7, tech t shirts $5. i also bought a one piece swimsuit for $5. i'm not super convinced about it yet, but it was too cheap to not buy. i also bought a white v neck for $3 and some white layering tanks for $1.68. yes $1.68. i highly suggest a trip to your local walmart.

i got up early saturday morning to run as many miles as i could with my group. we started with a little smaller group and ran into several others. we make an effort to take pictures. it slows us down a little, but i am glad to have all the pictures. this is one of my favorites.

co-worker chris picked me up along the road so we could do the color run (more on that tomorrow). we had a great time. after the run, we went to the farmer's market. i haven't made it once this summer so i was really happy to go.

i came home and cleaned and cleaned for hours. i love a clean house! i made sure to get in a little pool time. i had the pool key in my purse and drove all the way out to the pool (about 20 miunutes) and realized i forgot the key. luckily i have another friend in the neighborhood who let me use her pool. i relaxed at the pool for a while before rushing home to get ready to meet kristie for dinner.

i spent sunday preparing for church, catching up on laundry, church, cooking for september's what would you do with apples post, and painting my nails. i'm having serious anxiety about summer ending and not being able to use my summer nail colors anymore. clearly a major #firstworldproblem.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?
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  1. Your weekend sounds way more exciting than mine! Every time I read a post about running (and people enjoying it!) I think I should start. Somehow it never happens though.

  2. Those nail polish colors are gorgeous! I love the pinks :) Summer used to be my favorite season, but now that I'm inside 8-5 mon-fri, I prefer fall. I used to love summer because life slowed down, and I could read, and swim and sleep in. Now that I can't, summer has lost it's spot as my favorite season LOL

  3. I'm still into summer too. I really love your nails! Sounds like you got some great deals on clothes. I've been thinking about checking out the clearance racks and saving stuff for next summer!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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