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Monday, August 31, 2015

weekend happs

i know i keep talking about summer ending, but it's a real problem. i have serious seasonal anger disorder (yes i made that up, and yes it's real) so the end of summer pretty much ruins my life.

some years utah likes to jump the gun on fall a little, but this year the weather is cooperating with the calendar-HOT!

i worked a lot of long days last week so i took friday afternoon off to sit by the pool. it was amazing! 
i had to make a cake friday night so i planned to grab some dinner and come back and back. that is what happened except we ended up going out for dinner. i didn't bring real clothes or any makeup or anything. i was a little embarrassed to be out in public, but oh well.
after dinner i came back and baked a gender reveal cake. it's been a while since i have made a cake so even though i was really tired it was a lot of fun.
we had the prettiest sunrise on our saturday morning run.
after the run i went back to the pool. it wasn't super sunny, but we stayed out until the very end anyway. we picked up some dinner and came home to decorate the cake. i loved making the cake, but by the time i was finished i had been awake for 20 hours and completely exhausted. all i wanted to do was sleep.

thanks to 1:00 church, i slept in on sunday. i woke up early and refused to stay awake. after church i dropped off the gender reveal cake.

michelle and andrew had their baby this weekend so i stopped by the hospital to see them. michelle and i were roommates after college for years so she's basically like my sister. babies are my favorite so it was the perfect visit. i could hold that little babe all day.

another amazing weekend. how was yours? any exciting happs?

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  1. Time by the pool is the best way to spend an afternoon. We don't get many pool days, but I try to take advantage of them when we do!

  2. 20 hours? NEVER EVER would I last!
    I wanna see your cake! I had no clue you even baked cakes.


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