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Thursday, August 13, 2015

sunshine vox box

**i received these products complimentary from influenster for testing. all opinions are my own.

i was really excited when i found out i got the sunshine vox box. anything with sunshine is perfect for me. i got some great products to try out.

vaseline spray moisturizer has been intriguing to me so i was really excited to try it. it really does work, and it's easy and convenient to use. i use tons of lotion every day, and i really like this. it's actually really light but soaks in well. i definitely suggest it.

i was pretty nervous for the diamond almonds because i have the wimpiest mouth. i was afraid i would burn by tongue. they were actually the perfect snack especially with the #21dayreset.

the dickinson's facial wipes are super handy. they clean my face much better than any i have tried before. i'm really particular about my nighttime routine, but i have also been so busy lately. by the time i get ready for bed i'm so exhausted and want it to be fast. these wipes are fast and actually leave my face feeling clean. maybe it's the witch hazel?!?

it's no secret that i hate washing my hair. things have been getting even worse lately. i went the whole week (saturday-saturday) last week not washing my hair or brushing it either (embarrassed monkey face emoji), and i'm pretty much on the same plan this week. when i finally washed and brushed my hair last week i totally scared. after washing and conditioning twice and using the infusium leave in, my hair was so easy to brush. i'm sure the avocado and olive oil helped.

let's talk about nail polish. i'm such a brand snob. i've heard over and over about sinful nail polish. people claim it's as good as better for more expensive brands for a small fraction of the cost. who are these people? they lie. i'm sure it works well for some people, but i just haven't had good luck with it.

bark thins are a healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

have you tried any of these products before?
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**c/o influenster for testing purposes


  1. Infusium is one of my favorite grocery store shampoos!

  2. I really want some almonds now hahaha. And I don't ever paint my fingers, just my toes. And Sinful stays on way better than my Essie!!

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