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Thursday, August 27, 2015

blogging the paradise 2.4

i don't always look at twitter especially on sunday night. i don't usually watch until monday. for some reason i did read twitter this sunday. after the tweets i saw, i can't even wait to watch.

who's watching: celsey, lacey, alicia, amanda, alexis, and alyssa

everyone is mad at joe from last week. we basically can't stand him and no one has anything noteworthy to say.

rose ceremony
i'm going to pick my nose and flick my boogers on samantha--cel
does he think they're not going to show what he said--alicia
that might be the best dress we've seen from jade in her whole bachelor history
why the suspenders?!?
i hate this 5 hour long rose ceremony--lacey
she and tanner are the lacy and marcus. so boring--alexis
everyone's acting so normal about this--alexis
she's a single mom not a dead animal--alexis

tanner and jade on a date
we're dressed so nice. i'm in a cotton dress--cel
do you think he's googled her--cel
do i need to show you the video tanner--cel
she's going to be the pregnancy scandal--cel
what does he do? (we don't know but we think it must be finance or something) well, she works at wet seal so it's perfect--cel 
update..tanner is an auto finance manager

nick arrives with a date card, samantha says no and he takes ashley s
jorge is famous now. he's going to be the next bachelor--alyssa
why don't they ask the producers--alyssa
eeewww, noooo!--everyone
he looks like he's on chip n dales--alexis
who knew she could get crazier--alicia

back at the house, samantha seems like she's avoiding joe, jared breaks ashley i's heart, joe sets up his own birthday party
well it's only 10am--alicia
how hard is it to not repeat outfits in 2 weeks--cel
if you didn't plan to stay that long, order something online--alicia
wait, you're confused about the drama you caused--amanda
you already need to work on things and you've known each other for a week--alicia
here comes the ugly cry--alicia
here's what i want to know. why does everyone want samantha--cel
how is she welcome with open arms--amanda

the next morning at the house
she needs to recap all the time--lacey about carly's hilarious recap
i can totally see her hooking up with joe--alicia
her crying is making me anxious
tanner and jared the detectives
why would you blackmail someone into loving you--amanda

mikey gets the date card and obviously takes juelia
why does everyone act like this is her only chance to find love? she'll go home and date like all other single moms--alexis
again i wouldn't trust a private mexican airline--lacey
they just need an intervention--lacey
there's nothing like making out ringside at a WWE match--cel
i'm so embarrassed for them--amanda
i'm still waiting to see what's so amazing about that room--cel
hashtag sex hair--cel

kirk and carly on a fake date
i thought she liked to fish--cel
if someone tries to take me on a romantic date, and they take me fishing...oh boy

bonfire at the house, joe is still trying to talk to sam, justin arrives
he looks like one of snow white's dwarfs--amanda
it's a thousand degrees why are you wearing a beanie. you should never wear a beanie and a swimsuit--amanda
is she wearing a custom cut wife beat--cel
imagine how awkward this show would be without the music--lacey
fire chris harrison if he lets me walk into the show covered in sweat--cel
she's keeping him on the hook so he doesn't show the text messages--amanda

tear tally
12-how do i even count? ashley i cried for hours and hours. we didn't see any actual tears from joe, but i'm pretty sure it was close a few times.

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  1. I think I am more mad at Samantha!! I dislike Joe and would never want to date a man like him (and thankfully I don't have to) but I do think that Samantha is the ultimate manipulator in this. I wish she would just fess up!


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