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Sunday, August 2, 2015

churchy...sabbath day

I've attended a few meetings at church lately where we talked about Sunday and how we choose to spend our day. People have varying beliefs on what they like to do on Sunday. I prefer to observe the Sabbath day by having a day of rest. We talked in a meeting this morning that it isn't about what you can and can't do but rather about your attitude towards the day. I like that. It's not up to me to tell other people what they should and should not do on this day. It certainly isn't my place to judge what people choose to do or not do. I think it is a very personal thing. For me I like to fill the day with churchy things and other things that help me focus on God and my Savior.
What do you like to do on Sunday?

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  1. With two little kids and 1pm church I hate to say that we waste so much of the day just being lazy and deciding whose turn it is to shower. I wish we got ready right away and then played games did something together as a family. Some days we're better than others. And I really loved as a kid that we didn't watch TV, instead we read books or played games. Well, I didn't love it then, but looking back it was really nice :)


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