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Saturday, June 1, 2013

blogging the bach 9.1

i don't watch much all. i am NEVER home, and i really can't sit still. BUT, i have confessed a few times that i really love the bach (all versions...bachelor, bachelorette, bachelor sad it's not on this summer). as a side note, i have also mentioned that i like to abbreviate any and everything possible so that will most def (definitely) be happening around here.
i've thought about blogging the seasons, but obvi (obviously) have never done it. i had so much fun teaming up with my may30x30 girls, and didn't want the fun to end. kimberly and i will be teaming up each week to bring you The Bachelorette season 9 (season 9 episode 1 hence the title with me still?)

before we get into this season...
kimberly did an awesome post about bach lingo. check it here.
i'm not just going to recap the episode. if you watched, you know what happened, and if you didn't, you probably don't care.
one last thing...i HATE spoilers! if i want them, i know where to find them. it sucks the fun out of it for me. i love love love comments, but if you post spoilers i will be really sad and delete them immediately. thanks for understanding
enough with the biz (business) and onto the show
the first week is always a little hard for me. i can't keep track of who anyone is, and i feel a little like i have no idea what is going on. since i knew i had a blog to write, i took some notes (yes i'm a nerd).
i already heard the following bach classic words/phrases...amazing, here for the right reasons, journey, fairy tale...did i miss any?
i'm straight up in love with the blue car they gave her. i don't usually like crazy colors for cars, but i just love that blue (or maybe i just want to paint something that color).
i'm also in love with the shoes des played soccer in. i NEED those sparkly heels. also, she played soccer in heels. major points for that.
my first impression pick goes to Drew. i can't even tell you why. i picked him before she even started handing out roses, and i had to look online to see if he even got a rose. we'll see..

the rest of my top 5
ben (looks like he might be problems. i also liked tierra the first night, and look how that turned out)
brooks (he's from utah and appears to get a lot of screen time which makes me think he'll be around a long long time)
zach k maybe
i'll re-visit these in a few weeks and make some predictions.

i have a few tips for the poor dudes (who will obvi never read mine or anyone else's blogs)
girls love kids...always (good move ben)
hot bodies are super distracting (who knows what zak had to say. while he looked like a bit of a fool with no shirt on, his rockin body definitely stood out)
even girls with questionable morals do not want to talk about the fantasy suite right from the get (get go) (poor jonathan has a lot to learn)

and finally (are you still readying? this post is turning into a novel)...
when i went on the website to see if drew is still on/check out bios, i saw a poll for best bleachable moment. there were a few in this episode. i'll end my post each week with my pick for the best bleachable moment.

that could have but probably not been funny if he wasn't so serious about the fantasy suite. all i have to say about that is bless his little heart.

now go check out kimberly's post and see what she has to say. and let me know if you're watching and/or blogging and what you think of the guys this season.



  1. If yours is a novel mine is a trilogy! I even deleted a few parts. . .

    That meme is awesome. That guy was sup creep. (super creepy)

  2. Yes! I LIKED Drew too! And the guy with the son! The little kid was ADORABLE! :)

  3. Haha, the poor fantasy suite guy, he didn't seem to understand what was going on!


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