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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

blogging the bach 9.2

kimberly and i are back again discussing the bach. the turnaround time was quick this time since i was so late last week. i'll try to be a little quicker the rest of the season. 
i am still trying to figure out who in the heck all the guys are at this point. i picked my top 5 last week, and after tonight i definitely need a do over. i'm waiting another week or two, but i am definitely posting  a revised top 5
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a few noteworthy things about episode 2...
brooks got the first date. i missed the first 5 minutes so i didn't see him get the date card, but i'm sure he was stoked. i think i really like him so i hope he doesn't get hit with the typical first date curse. i also missed the critical moment when he talked about his family. i will def watch that online tomorrow. i see big things for these two. for now, i'm predicting him in the top 2.
speaking of abbreviations (def...definitely) i got a suggestion to put up a list of my faves on the sidebar. great idea! i will prob do that soon. stay tuned...
is anyone else concerned about the rapping group date? i would have straight up died! i wish i was more fun, but really that date would kill me. all the talk about the right reasons also nearly killed me but was hilarious for the rap.
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did anyone notice michael last week? i sure didn't, but he definitely stood out this week. one of the best things to come out of emily's season was the arie/jef bromance. i wonder if that will happen with these dudes as they gang up on ben. by the way, i'm giving ben the boot from my top 5. i knew it!
besides the bleachable moment which i will get to, i decided to pick a word or 2 each week to count the number of times it is said. this week i picked
AMAZING...22 (I might have missed 1 when des and bryden walked into dinner or in the first 5)
JOURNEY...2 (seriously? only 2?)
FAIRYTALE...1 (after last week i expected more)
i really should have counted
now onto the bleachable moment(s)..i couldn't pick just one
1. poor brandon's attire for the group date...come on people. his grandma or mom or someone is probably watching this thinking i def don't want to see that
2. hot tub scene with bryden. has the poor dude ever seen this show? bach hot tubs=kissing...lots of kissing. bless his little heart
that's all for now. go check out what kimberly had to say, and let me know what you thought of week 2. who's your favorite so far? what about the most bleachable moment?
oh and PS...i'm sure not getting a rose seems like a total nightmare at the time, but i'm certain robert(whoever he is) is doing just fine.
miss week 1? find it here 8.1


  1. I rap. It's my parlor trick. My high school boys thought it was pretty awesome and I'd like to say they were better behaved after that but. . . no.

    I feel like the use of the word "journey" usually picks up during the last few episodes.

    I didn't think Brooks was even cute last week, but now I am a FAN! I hope if he makes it to top four he actually does his hometown in SLC!!

  2. These guys are more drama than some girls I think!!! Holy cow.... And, I seriously get so annoyed when EVERY person on this series has to bring up their life altering story in the beginning. It's like a contest for who has the bigger sob story!

  3. Oh my gosh! that group date! And at the end of the show where they showed how the whole rap came together. I cringed on the inside. It was SOOOOOO awful. But the hot tub thing, I thought it was sort of cute how bryden was so shy to kiss her in front of the cameras. And Ben in my eyes definately dropped a few points.



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