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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Virgin Islands {St. Kitts}

I keep talking about this trip I went on and promises to blog about it. I had to go through 400+ pictures before I could actually figure out what to post. The stars aligned for probably the only time in my life and I got 3 trips in 1. It was amazing and a dream! I want to go back.
Carrie and Brooke planned a trip to St. Kitts a couple of months ago. I got home one day and found out they planned to leave St. Kitts the day I planned to arrive in St. Thomas with a different group of friends. Since I would already be there, and the dates matched up perfectly, I decided to do both.
I left Salt Lake on Monday evening, and after a crazy night/day of travel I arrived in St. Kitts on Tuesday early afternoon ready to hit the pool. Carrie and Brooke were already there with a chair waiting for me. The trip was exactly what I needed...lots of sun, relaxation, and ZERO responsibilities. We did whatever we wanted. 

so green

St. Kitts is located on the Atlantic and Caribbean. The Marriott is on the Atlantic which is nice and beautiful, but a little less appealing than the pool. We spent most of the time by the pool. I really love the sun a lot, and laying by the pool all day is heaven for me. I read 3 books and lots of magazines, and couldn't have been happier. 

Although laying by the pool was fabulous, one day we took a taxi around the island. Our driver gave us a history of the island and took us several places including the Caribbean side, botanical gardens, and a fortress. It was cool to see more of the island and learn a little more about the place. Before going I knew St. Kitts is not a US Virgin Island, but I didn't know exactly what it is. It is independent.
according to the cab driver, they have plenty of water sources there
 botanical gardens

 mango trees everywhere. when they are ripe you can pick them and eat them. sadly they were very green.
 400 year old tree
 looks like regular tye dye, but it is done one layer at a time by hand
after spending most of the week in our swimsuits we had to document actually getting dressed
 lobster plant. i was a little obsessed with all the plants and trees

Our resort was really pretty, but I am so happy we got to see more of the island. Next up, some pictures from the fortress.



  1. Oh man! I could vacation with you. We went to Fiji for our honeymoon and Adam was very GO GO GO. I wanted to read by the pool! Of course a little sight seeing is good because you're not in America, but relaxing is my favorite!

  2. Those blankets are just beautiful! What a fun trip! :)

  3. wow!! I went to st.kitts on a cruise for my honeymoon and didn't get to see much of the island because our excursion was either kayaking or zip-lining...i forget hahaha but beautiful

  4. I hope you were able to purchase one of those tie dyed blanket things. They look amazing. And your pictures are so vibrant with color, love it!


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