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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

dinner group

it's been a while since i posted about my monthly dinner group. several (like maybe 4 or 5) years ago, janeal, laurann, a couple other girls, and i started meeting for dinner once a month. we rotate houses and each bring part of the meal. the group has changed a couple of times over the years. we added wendy in may, and hopefully she wants to continue coming. the host makes the main dish, and the rest of us bring an appetizer, side, and dessert. we exchange recipes (usually with a few alterations). dinner group is always so much fun. i love these girls so much and look forward to these monthly get togethers. 

i have appetizer this month. does anyone have any good ideas for me? i will have all the others parts of the meal in the coming months so send me your favorites pretty please.

PS. I swear I will blog about my trip soon. I have so many pictures to go through first, but it will happen. 


  1. How do you know what kind of side to bring, do they tell you what the main dish will be? Oh and cute cardi :)

  2. I love this idea!! it gets so hard to cook thou!! One of my good friends is about an hour, maybe two hours depending on traffic, so i don't think her house would be an option which would suck for her :(
    For appetizer I just recently had the most delicious costing: small baguette sliced in bite size portions, honey-mango jam and a cheese over it but I can't remember what type of cheese!!

    1. brie would be so good with that! Also I like baguette slices with pesto topped with a garden fresh tomato (farmers market!)

  3. This sounds super fun! How about these Olive Garden Breadsticks?

  4. I'll send you some of my pins-some i've tried and others that just look tasty

  5. This sounds like SUCH a great way to keep up with friends inepensively and it's nice not to have to go out and be rushed by waiters and such.


    P.S. Left you a comment on the 8.2 Bachelorette post! :)


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