Wednesday, June 19, 2013

run 100 miles this summer

I've said it before, and I will continue to say it over and over again. One of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with other bloggers. I connected with A Mouse in my Kitchen through the Book of Mormon Bloggers project. The other night she tweeted something about a challenge to run 100 miles this summer. I am right in the middle of marathon training so I'm not too concerned with the amount of miles I will run before the end of summer. What I am concerned about is the fact that I rarely run during the week. That really doesn't cut it. If I want to run a decent marathon, I HAVE to run more during the week. So, I'm joining the challenge. Don't worry that we already started. I just got the info myself. My mileage won't be the same, but this is the chart some people are following. 

I need to be held accountable so in an effort to be more accountable I am linking up with some other bloggers to join the run 100 miles in ONE summer challenge. Head on over to A Mouse in my Kitchen for more details and then come join us.



  1. I have done 3 half marathons, but never a full! When and were is the full marathon? I want to do one eventually, I am just not ready yet... I do think if I ever run a marathon, it will be only ONCE. Altho, I said that when I did my first half, too! LOL!

  2. Good luck! I love running, but I have to be very careful this year, as I have an injured knee and am losing its cartilage... =(

  3. Woot!! Awesome! I'm feeling inspired by this. I think I'll shoot for a triathlon next summer (since a marathon is NEVER going to be my thing!)

  4. That sounds like such an awesome challenge. I was doing so well and then this week lost momentum. The weather is becoming a little bit of a beating for me. I think I need to just get up earlier in the mornings ;o)
    Good luck!!

  5. Even though it is now almost half way through summer and I'm headed to Utah for two weeks (and running won't be so easy in different elevation), I want jump on this bandwagon. I have run 31 miles since June 1st. I think it is still reasonable at this point if I step up my game to run 4 times a week instead of 3 and push myself a little further. Hmmm. Thoughts to ponder.

  6. Okay so I just looked at it further and I'm totally gonna do my start date as the first day of summer 6/21. I am right on track for a 100 mile summer! I'm doing this and I'm even gonna write a blog post and link to this post. That's unheard of! YAY


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