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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Virgin Islands {St. John}

i've had really good intentions of finishing up my trip posts, but life/work has been kicking me in the booty lately. i still have a few posts to go before the trip posts are completely done.

everyone (like seriously everyone) said we had to go to trunk bay in st. john so we decided to take the ferry over. everyone was right. it was BEAUTIFUL! i've been pretty spoiled with my travels. i have been to some really pretty beaches. trunk bay is definitely on the list of prettiest places i have ever seen. if you are ever in the virgin islands, trunk bay on st. john is a must. now for the mega overload of pictures...

being on a docked boat makes me a little sicky so i took a bunch of pics while waiting to get on the ferry at the very last second

kari, julie, laurann, cheryl on the ferry

leaving st. thomas

kari, laurann, cheryl, me on the ferry

view of trunk bay from a lookout point

the clear water, the white sand...i can't get enough

leaving st. john after a gorgeous day on the beach, a pictureless lunch at a local spot, a little shopping

the sun hitting the water was amazing

i'm so happy we decided to go to st. john. it was a perfectly hot sunny day at the beach. the whole trip was great, but trunk bay was probably my favorite part of the trip. next up...our day at magen's beach.

PS. Kimberly is out of town so we'll be blogging the bach on Wednesday this week.



  1. TRULY one of the most beautiful places! you are right - the turquoise waters and sand NEVER gets old! thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful!! We went to cancun this time last year, and your beach pictures really have me missing it!!

  3. I'm jealous of your trip! The water looks oh so beautiful. :)

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