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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

blogging the bach 9.4

kimberly and i added a little excitement to blogging the bach this week by actually watching together. let's get real people, the bach is so much better when watched with friends. gracias to kimberly for having me over.
before we get started, i feel like it's a great time to remind everyone that spoilers are only fun if you like them. i don't so please leave the spoilers out of the comments. i love to hear what you have to say about the show or start a convo in the comments, but if you post spoilers i will be really sad and delete immediately.
now onto the show...
we can basically skip the recap/commentary this week because let's be honest, this was the most dramatic boring episode of in bachelorette history. i was seriously getting worried i wouldn't have anything to blog about. i mean really...
date #1...poor brad was clearly going home
group date america...yikes..i'll come back to that
date #3...there's really nothing i can say about this date without looking like a total beast
so i'm bringing back my friendly advice(there's kind of a lot) to the dudes(not just dudes on the bach) from week 1...
1. don't ever, i repeat ever call a girl a unicorn.ever (brooks i still really like you, but that was bad)
2. even if someone else signs you up for this show, watch before you go on. it's gotta be rough sharing the same girl with lots of other dudes, but that's how the who works.
3. man drama is super unattractive.always.
4. don't cheat.the end
5. pelvic thrusts are bad.very bad.always
6. it's creepy to spy on other dudes. girls can get away with this sometimes, but dudes definitely cannot. sorry dudes. i don't make the rules.
7. speedos are not acceptable.ever. if you are in a situation where your swimsuit is picked for you, say a big huge prayer that you get the trunk option. (sidenote...i once went on a singles cruise and a dude decided a speedo was a good idea for the hot legs or something contest. not a good idea.ever)
8. this motto really only works for girls...when all else fails, wear high heels (bless chris and his high heels)
9. when in doubt, make out (james has this down)
i most likely missed a few of the key words tonight, but here's the tally
journey...3 (2 of those by chris harrison)
fairytale...1 (manny and jan)
right reasons...0
i think next week i should tally chemistry. anything else i am missing???
i'm starting to get a better feel for the guys, and i think i FINALLY know all of their names. after tonight, kimberly and i have hometown predictions. her picks are...
Zak W, his abs got him a rose, but his song will bring him home
Brooks, because of his hair (and I hope for a SLC hometown!!)
Kasey, #hometown
Michael G, because slim pickin's

head on over to kimberly's blog to see who i think will make it home.
who do you think is sticking around?

if you missed the first 3 weeks...
bach cap 9.3
bach cap 9.2
bach cap 9.1
fyi...we'll be posting on wednesday instead of tuesday next week.


  1. This was the perfect format for this seriously odd episode. There was so much advice to give the men!!!

  2. Found you from the giveaway... stayed for the bachelorette recap. Haha! I am so with you on these things. These guys are so unmemorable. Seriously, during the first one-on-one, I totally had no idea who that guy was. Maybe I'll remember them because of the awful Mr. America pageant.


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