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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Virgin Islands {St. Kitts part 2}

There were far too many pictures for one post. We originally planned to take a taxi to the fortress, and that was all. Seeing more of the island costs less than $5 more so we opted for the half island tour. It was beautiful! The fortress sits up on the top of the hill. I am not very good at knowing or remembering history, but it was cool to see a big part of the history of the island.

carrie and brooke in front of the fortress

beautiful view

the fortress has been preserved pretty well, but this room was full of random garbage and seemed like a work in progress

seemed so real and really scared me. also i apparently wasn't supposed to take pictures...oops

the view was amazing

next up I leave St. Kitts and head to St. Thomas


  1. The pic with the beautiful view is GORGEOUS. I want to sit there and read a book!

  2. What a fun trip you went on! How exciting and beautiful :)

  3. How fun and how fantastic that touring more of the island is so cheap! I love looking at historical sites.
    Those views are amazing.

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