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Monday, June 3, 2013

may 30x30{days 25-30}

may is over which means may 30x30 is over. i started out the month wondering why in the world i decided to do something so crazy when i knew i would be super busy getting ready to travel and then gone for 2 weeks. i am SO glad i did it! there were a few days i got a little sick of it, but i mostly felt like i had plenty of outfits to choose from. 
the WORST part of the whole thing...taking pictures of myself
the BEST part...connecting with other bloggers
if you are considering doing this, i totally recommend it. you might (i said might ok) even see me linking up with kelly when she does it again in august.

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. now onto the rest of my outfits.

day 25. old navy shirt, cut off big stars
 karlee loves to take pictures these days. i was more than happy to let her in the picture with me.

day 26...bella bird dress that finally made an appearance. i planned to wear it in the islands but forgot a slip. nordstrom cardi
my niece and nephew wanted to get in on the picture fun. aren't they the cutest?!?
and then they wanted silly faces...further evidence that i am clearly not a fashion blogger

day 27. back home from my trip. bella bird skirt, old navy stripe v, shade cardi. i never would have put this together before this challenge. i'm happy this forced me to look for new ideas.

day 28. back to work. bella bird skirt (yes the one from day 25, but i was at work instead of my sister's in california so i felt ok wearing it so close together. decided i like it better as a dress), gap stripe, target cardi

day 29. the weather turned cold again and ruined my planned outfit for the day. cream j crew, gap cardi, black skinnies kohls

day 30. if i had more time/patience i would edit this picture a little. i got my hair done and waited until after to take the picture, i look pretty rough by this hour of the day. melon gap stripe, gap cardi, banana shorts

want to see what i wore the rest of the month?

go check out what the others wore for their final week. these girls are the cutest, and i am so happy i have gotten to know them this month.

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  1. You have Kelly's code on your page about 8 times, might want to delete the extras. I LOVE that yellow dress, as a dress AND as a skirt! That turq cardi looks so beautiful over it, too! My favorite piece of yours is that dress! Your niece and nephew are adorable :)

  2. I love that yellow dress! It looks soooooo good on you.

  3. that yellow and blue look perfect together! my two favorite colors :) you look great!

  4. I love how you wore your dress as a skirt. So cute and totally different! :)

  5. How did you manage the dress as a skirt? Did you just put a shirt over it? I thought about doing that once this challenge, but it didn't work out so well, so I changed my outfit. Thanks for giving me "permission" to put my hair in a bun. :) It's my new favorite "go to" hairdo. :)

  6. That yellow dress id FABULOUS!!!! I love how you made it a skirt with the striped shirt!! you did wonderful this last week!!


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