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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

blogging the bach 9.5

after last week's boring episode of the bach, i was a little nervous for this week. boring episode=boring blog post. luckily things got a little less boring this week. kimberly and i are back giving you our 2 cents on the bach. sadly we didn't get to watch together this week.
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this week starts out with a 1 on 1 with chris. he seems like a great guy, but he definitely isn't my type. i heard the words
funny (I do really like funny, but it has to be the right funny) 
some people really love that stuff. i am not one of those people.

chris says "i don't think anything could go wrong." dear chris (and anyone else on this show), do NOT under any circumstances say that. you are asking for trouble.

their attempts to speak german brought back memories of living in a foreign country. not knowing the language is tough. 

bryden comes to the date, and the awkwardness begins. not much to say about bryden other than buh bye bryden. chris says all the right things, and des is clearly falling for him. my guess is chris goes pretty far in this whole thing.

a few other things about this date...
more of my top love language is words of affirmation so why do i find the poetry so cheesy???
the kissing sounds are terrible. can they please edit that?
this season is def the season of music. new artist each week.

the group date is the best date we have seen so far. everyone has fun, and there isn't any drama.
i wish i was more fun because sledding down a black diamond ski hill would scare the crap out of me.
des says "this is the happiest place on earth". i would argue that the middle of freezing cold is not the happiest place on earth. nor is disney for me, but that's a whole different topic of convo.
the individual times are just ok except...
brooks...they like to kiss...a lot
zak...he thought he was going to be a priest...what?!? never would have guessed

the 2 on 1 date is terrible and awkward no matter what, but this really was TERRIBLE. i could barely watch. i haven't been a fan of ben for a while, but michael was legit out of control. it seemed like he was cross examining the witness in court. i bet he leaves in the next 2 weeks.
i don't even know what to say about ben's exit interview except wow! and not the good kind of wow!

next up...Spain...can't wait.

word talley
amazing...6 (2 by bryden in one sentence)
connection...7 (lots of dudes think there is a connection)
right reasons...2
and new this week

this week's bleachable moment goes to michael's behavior at dinner. how embarassing.

now head on over to kimberly's blog to see what she has to say.



  1. It is so crazy how similar our posts are this week! It's like we really did watch together. *cue twilight music. . .

  2. How creepy was it when Brooks was spying on Des and James?? He is one of my favs but that was just bizarre.


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