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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

blogging the bach 9.3

kimberly and i are back for week 3 of our bachcaps. as a side note, i just realized i have been calling this season 8 and it's really season 9...oops! usually by week 3 i am starting to figure out the guys a little bit and pick favorites easier than night 1. some guys are definitely standing out making themselves known, but i still asked who the crap is that several times (i think it was dan every time).
i read about how crazy this episode was and not to miss the start. confession...i made the briefest appearance at a 1 year old birthday party so i could race home to not miss a minute. although the michael/ben drama started right from the get (i'm already getting sick of it), i couldn't figure out what all the hype was about.
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dudes walked out in dodgeball outfits...can these be considered vintage?
brooks (who i still really like...i think) has to put his hair in a 1/2 pony and then proceeds to break his finger. i didn't know broken fingers required ambulances, hospitals, and oxygen, but what do i know? i've never broken a finger.
the blue team wins but everyone really wins (as someone pointed out on twitter...not everyone wins...remember the goat's milk des)...who does she like on the red team? i seriously couldn't figure out who was on what team or if ben and michael were on the same team. they probably weren't, but i was happy to have a break from that drama.
obviously the big drama of the night was brian and his hired actor girlfriend. this storyline is old. i'm over it, and the dude is just plain not smart.
kasey totally gets the shaft on his date. it had potential to turn out like ashley and jp's first date, but it just didn't happen. i mostly noticed that a freaking amazing body is required to wear those peach super skinnies. the dancing most likely also requires a rockin body.
i still can't figure out who is who on the cowboy date. what is my problem this week? i feel super awks for the boys that they are all watching each other. that seems like a nightmare. the last thing i want is for a bunch of my girlfriends to stand around and watch me attempt to do all these stunt things.
things of note on this date...
brilliant move from juan pablo busting out the spanish
the mason jars were perfect. i don't drink, but if i did i would definitely want my alcohol in a mason jar.
i'm in love with that big fat teal ring. where can i get that thing?
zak looks old, and it's depressing me that he is actually younger than i am.
if you don't have a sob story you are basically screwed.
kissing sounds are terrible, and they should really mute them.
a few other things of note...
ben (in his hideous girl tank) is both brilliant and annoying. stealing des is brilliant, but he is literally bugging me to death. i'm sure he'll stick around, but i'm OVER him big time.
and now for the bleachable moments...too many to pick 1
brooks and his broken finger. still really like him, but that was highly unfortunate
brian coming on the show. what a dip!
and last but certainly not least...
dear brandon, do NOT bust out the L word anytime soon. i'm sure we all called his departure.

the word tally for the night (not as good as last week)
right reasons...5
i expect these to pick up a little more in the next couple of weeks

holy novel of a post. there was just way too much good material this week.
make sure to go see what kimberly has to say
previous weeks

oh and PS i really kind of like zach k. hope he gets more air time soon.



  1. "(I think it was Dan every time)" Hahahaha! So true!

    Ew, those peach skinnies made Des look like hot dog legs, and she's THIN. I can't imagine what they would do to a normal girl.

    Zach K? I would have to look him up. But since they keep calling him Zac W I knew there had to be another one!

  2. They really played up the drama for a broken finger didn't they! You would've thought he'd lost an arm! :-)

  3. Oh my god! The finger part was anoyyyyyyyying. I actually did not like those peach pants. They were awful, but i DOOOOOO want that blue ring. So far Drew is still my fave; he got a little biiiiit more airtime this week.


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