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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Virgin Islands {St. Thomas part 1}

After spending 4 amazing days in St. Kitts, I hopped a plane to St. Thomas via St. Martin. The stop in St. Martin was just that (a stop). We didn't even get off the plane, but I did experience practically landing on the beach (google it).
St. Thomas was equally amazing yet a totally different experience from St. Kitts. Besides going to see a few sites one day, we mostly stayed at the resort in St. Kitts. We rented a car in St. Thomas, and although we spent a good amount of time at the pool at the resort, we also left a lot too. I loved both, and I'm so glad I got to do both. 

the view from our balcony
standing on the beach looking out

5 of us went to St. Thomas (Laurann, Kari, Julie, Cheryl, and myself). Laurann, Julie, and I flew in around the same time on the same day, and Kari and Cheryl flew in the next day. We spent the first couple of days enjoying the sun and the pool at the resort.

we finally actually got dressed for dinner
julie, laurann, kari
 cheryl, me (my hair was a complete disaster there. if i embrace the curls, my hair is usually ok in humidity, but the product just didn't work 
 a different night after dinner in town
the sky was so gorg we had a little photoshoot
julie, cheryl, kari

 my uniform for this trip (swimsuit and a coverup). the other girls were still in swim suits too, but there cover ups look more like real clothes

 we went somewhere a little nicer for dinner our last night. we had the nicest server ever. i'm NOT a foodie and don't really appreciate fine dining, but it was fun

St. Thomas was seriously amazing! I really really loved it. Next up...our day trip to St. John and one of the pretties beaches ever.


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